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Current Dynamics-Australia Automobile Industry 2013 (SRI00018)
Executive SummaryAt present the Australian auto industry is under tremendous pressure from imports and is suffering considerable fall in both market share and actual volume of cars manufactured. The total...
Dec 2014£495€587$800
China Automotive Distribution Industry and Automotive Aftermarket Report,2014-2017 (RIC01043)
In 2013, the sales volume of automobiles in China reached 21.9841 million units, up 13.89% year on year compared with 2.72% in 2011 and 4.15% in 2012. Of all, the...
Mar 2014£1,490€1,768$2,400
Iraq Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12123)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesOn a purely economic level, the outlook for the industry for 2014 and beyond should also be positive. OurCountry Risk team forecasts GDP growth in the...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
Bahrain Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12120)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesLooking at trends for 2014 and beyond, BMI believes that the Bahraini auto market will continue to seestrong and steady growth, with total sales set to...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
United Arab Emirates Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12119)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesFinal-year sales data for 2013 were unavailable as this report was being compiled. Consequently, BMIretains its current forecasts this quarter, although we have now extended our...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
Automotive Report Singapore March 2014 (EIU08477)
The automotive industry makes only a minor contribution to Singapore's export-driven economy. Major industries include electronics, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and oil-refining. The city state has no car factories, and...
Mar 2014£120€142$190
Tunisia Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12110)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesTunisian new car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales contracted by 2.7% year-on-year (y-o-y) in2013, to 47,960 units, according to a January 2014 report on
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
Libya Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12105)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesIt appears as though 2013 marked something of a recovery in the Libyan new car sales market, with sales rebounding sharply from the lows reached in...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
South Korea Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12098)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesAccording to the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA), vehicle sales in 2013 contracted 1.9%, to 1,383,358 units. This was in line with our bearish outlook on...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
Jordan Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12103)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesAll the markets of the Levant region are heading for a period of moderation, with market specific dynamics starting to play as much a part as...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
Australia Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12090)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesOver the past quarter, the last two manufacturers producing cars in Australia - Toyota Australia and General Motors' (GM) Holden subsidiary - both announced that they...
Mar 2014£805€955$1,300
Automotive Report Colombia March 2014 (EIU11132)
Colombia is the fourth-largest vehicle market in Latin America (behind Brazil, Mexico and Argentina) and has an installed productive capacity of around 300,000 units per year. The automotive industry as...
Mar 2014£120€142$190
Automotive Report Belgium 2014 (EIU11122)
The automotive industry is an important segment of Belgium's economy, with several major foreign-owned plants and a large number of component suppliers. However, weak car demand in some European markets...
Feb 2014£120€142$190
Pakistan Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12083)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesAlthough vehicle sales have shown signs of a recovery since the beginning of the fiscal year, growing some 82% year-on-year (y-o-y) in the first six months...
Feb 2014£805€955$1,300
Automotive Report Denmark 2014 (EIU07940)
The Danish car market registered healthy growth in 2013, and it is expected to continue expanding moderately during the forecast period as a whole. Households' desire for fuel economy will...
Feb 2014£120€142$190
Automotive Report Austria 2014 (EIU09414)
Austria has a relatively small passenger-car market by European standards, with the annual number of new-car registrations averaging around 318,000 over the past decade. In 2013 new-car registrations declined by...
Feb 2014£120€142$190
The Chinese Automotive Supplier Report (SUB00199)
The Chinese Automotive Supplier Report looks at the economics of the automotive industry in China, particularly relating to the supply base. It provides an overview of the macroeconomic environment including...
Feb 2014£1,470€1,744$2,368
Global Economic Tracker - Insights and Trends (GET - IT)- Emerging Europe Quarter 4, 2013 (FRS04037)
A Quarterly Pulse Of Growth OpportunitiesEconomic Growth TrendsThe European economy is gradually recovering from the sovereign debt crisis. Steady growth is expected in the coming quarters, backed by the October...
Feb 2014 £0
Oman Autos Report Q2 2014 (BMI12077)
Includes 3 FREE quarterly updatesFinal full-year 2013 sales data for Oman were unavailable as this report was being compiled. Consequently, we leave our forecasts unchanged this quarter, although we have...
Feb 2014£805€955$1,300
Automotive Report Slovakia 2014 (EIU06719)
The European car market felt the full brunt of recessionary conditions in the euro area in 2013 as car sales tumbled. Following modest growth of 1.6% in 2012, new car...
Feb 2014£120€142$190
Volkswagen AG (VOW3) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile (GDA100000)
SummaryVolkswagen AG (Volkswagen) is a manufacturer of automobiles. The company, along with its subsidiaries, is active in the development of vehicles and engines, and the sale of commercial vehicles and...
Feb 2014£155€184$250
Lima Caucho SA - Company Capsule, Canadean Ltd (CAN45595)
SynopsisCanadean's "Lima Caucho SA - Company Capsule" contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The profile contains a company overview, key facts, major products and...
Feb 2014£61€72$99
Automotive Report Portugal 2014 (EIU09717)
In comparison with most other west European countries, the automotive market in Portugal was already relatively small before the onset of economic crisis, which saw demand shrink even further. Between...
Feb 2014£120€142$190
Automotive Report Romania 2014 (EIU11097)
After a steep fall in passenger-car registrations in 2008-13, the Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts a stabilisation in 2014, when we expect real GDP growth of 3.2%. This will be followed...
Feb 2014£120€142$190
Strategic Analysis of Dealership Networks Across ASEAN (FRS04015)
Rising Demand for New Vehicles and High Vehicle Production Output to Drive GrowthKey Findings Growth of vehicle showrooms in ASEAN is impacted by the rise in demand for new vehicles,...
Feb 2014 £0