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Global and China Automotive Seating Industry Report
2011 – 2012

  • Publication Date:June 2012
  • Publisher:Research in China
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:141

The report highlights the following aspects:

  • Brief Introduction to Automotive Seating
  • Global and China Automotive Market
  • Global Automotive Seating Market
  • China Automotive Seating Market
  • Major Automotive Seating Manufacturers Worldwide

For a car, it is not the engine or the chassis but the seating that seems to be with little technical content but features the highest cost. The world's top 10 seating manufacturers hold 95% market share of the global automotive seating market.??? ?

There are two leading camps in the seating industry: one refers to four Japanese companies, and the other involves five corporations in Europe and America. In particular, the South Korea-based DYMOS is grouped into the latter, since its major partners are Lear and Visteon.

The four Japanese companies are major suppliers for native businesses. Except Toyota Boshoku, all the customers of the rest three including TS, NHK SPRING and TACHI-S are Japan-based enterprises. Due to the devastating Japan 311 earthquake, Thailand flooding as well as the yen appreciation, Japanese corporations encountered decline in revenue in 2011. However, the estimation shows that Japanese businesses, especially TS and NHK Spring will see considerable growth in 2012. ?

Among the five European and American enterprises, Magna and Lear position their core customers in North America, Faurecia focuses on French and German enterprises as its crucial clients, Brose highlights German customers, while JC's customers are widely spread around the world.

Johnson Controls (JC) tapped into automotive seating market in the wake of the acquisition on Hoover Universal in 1985 and grew into the world's largest automotive seating manufacturer in 2000. In 2011, its revenue from automotive seating reached roughly USD16 billion. YFJC, the China-based joint venture of JC, is regarded as the largest automotive seating manufacturer in China, with the revenue in 2011 up to RMB15.8 billion. ?

The automotive market of China has shown recovery these days, with the automobile sales volume rising 1.7% YoY to 8.0235 million in Jan.-May, turning around the year-on-year decline in the first four months. In May, the SUV demand maintained robust, with the sales volume surging by 58.4% year-on-year to 162,600; while the growth rate of MPV demand and sales volume improved, with the MPV sales volume in May increasing by 10.9% year-on-year to 40,300. With the successive launch of governmental stimulus package, the automobile industry of China is anticipated to further turn better in the second half of the year.??? ?

In China, the automotive seating industry is fully reliant on the import of the technology. Such being the case, Chinese companies only serve as financial investors among joint ventures in the industry. Industrial players, especially Japan-based companies, endeavor to explore Chinese market. For instance, TACHI-S continues to gain orders from Geely; the Xiangfan base of NHK Spring was put into production in May, 2012, and is expected to win more orders from Dongfeng Nissan. By comparison, European counterparts seemingly fall behind. For example, both FAURECIA and BROSE contribute smaller portions in the Chinese market.

  • 1. Brief Introduction of Automotive Seating
    • 1.1 Structure of Automotive Seating
    • 1.2 Skeleton of Automotive Seating
    • 1.3 Motor for Automotive Seating
    • 1.4 Fabric of Automotive Seating
  • 2. Global and Chinese Automotive Market
    • 2.1 Global Automotive Market
    • 2.2 Chinese Automotive Market
      • 2.2.1 Review of Chinese Automotive Market in 2011
      • 2.2.2 Chinese Auto Market in 2012
      • 2.2.3 Market Share of China's Major Automobile Brands
    • 2.3 Dynamics of China Automobile Industry
      • 2.3.1 Automotive Assembly Industry
      • 2.3.2 Automotive Parts Industry
  • 3. Global and Chinese Automotive Seating Market
    • 3.1 Global Market Size
    • 3.2 Ranking of Global Automotive Seating Vendors by Revenue
    • 3.3 Supply Relation between Automotive Seating Manufacturers and Automakers Worldwide
    • 3.4 Share of Automotive Seating Suppliers for Automakers
    • 3.5 China Automotive Seating Industry
    • 3.6 Supply Relation between Automotive Seating Manufacturers and Automotive Assembly Manufacturers in China
  • 4. Automotive Seating Vendors
    • 4.1 Toyota Boshoku
      • 4.1.1 Changchun Faway Toyota Boshoku Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
    • 4.1.2Tianjin Intex Auto Parts Co., Ltd
      • 4.1.3 Tianjin Kahou Automotive Decoration Co., Ltd
    • 4.1.4Tianjin Feng'ai Automotive Seat Parts Co., Ltd.
      • 4.1.5 Tianjin Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts Co., Ltd
      • 4.1.6 Chengdu Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts Co., Ltd
      • 4.1.7 Shanghai Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts Co., Ltd
      • 4.1.8 Kunshan Toyota Boshoku Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
      • 4.1.9 Ningbo ARACO Co., Ltd
      • 4.1.10 Toyota Boshoku Ningbo Co., Ltd
    • 4.1.11Guangzhou Intex Auto Parts Co., Ltd
      • 4.1.12 Feng'ai (Guangzhou) Auto Seat Parts Co., Ltd.
      • 4.1.13 Toyota Boshoku Foshan Co., Ltd.
    • 4.2 TS
      • 4.2.1 Guangzhou TS Automotive Interior Systems Co., Ltd.
      • 4.2.2 Wuhan TS-GSK Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
    • 4.3 TACHI-S
      • 4.3.1 TACLE Guangzhou Automotive Seat Co., Ltd.
    • 4.4 Faurecia
    • 4.4.1Changchun Faurecia XUYANG Automotive Seat Co., Ltd
      • 4.4.2 FAURECIA-GSK (Wuhan) Automotive Seating Co., Ltd
    • 4.5 Lear
      • 4.5.1 Lear Dongfeng Automotive Seating Co., Ltd
      • 4.5.2 Jiangxi Jiangling Lear Interior Systems Co., Ltd.
      • 4.5.3 Shenyang Lear Automotive Seating and Interior Systems Co., Ltd,
      • 4.5.4 Chongqing Lear Chang'an Automotive Interior Decoration Co. Ltd
      • 4.5.5 Lear (Wuhu)
      • 4.5.6 Lear Automotive Fabric (Ruan) Co., Ltd
      • 4.5.7 Nanjing Lear Xindi Automotive Interiors Systems Co., Ltd
      • 4.5.8 TACLE Guangzhou Automotive Seat Co., Ltd.
      • 4.5.9 Lear Corporation Changchun Automotive Interior System Co., Ltd
      • 4.5.10 Beijing Lear Dymos Automotive Systems Co., Ltd
      • 4.5.11 Shanghai Lear STEC Automotive Parts Co., Ltd
      • 4.6.1 KEIPER
      • 4.6.2 YFJC
      • 4.6.3 Nanjing YFJC
      • 4.6.4 Wuhu Johnson Controls Yunhe Automotive Seating Co., Ltd
      • 4.6.5 Chongqing YFJC
      • 4.6.6 Guangzhou Dongfeng Johnson Controls Automotive Seating
      • 4.6.7 Changchun Faway-Johnson Controls Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
    • 4.7 Visteon
      • 4.7.1 YFV
    • 4.8 Magna
    • 4.9 Brose
    • 4.10 DYMOS
  • 4.11Sitech
    • 4.12 Changchun Xuyang
    • 4.13 WuHan New Yunhe
    • 4.14 Hubei Aviation Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
    • 4.15 GSK Industrial
    • 4.16 NHK Spring
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