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Core system outsourcing in North American Retail Banking
Review Report

  • Publication Date:March 2007
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:54

Core system outsourcing in North American Retail Banking Review Report


The North American core banking systems market is a highly mature market which will even at the best of years go through only relatively modest growth. Vendor opportunities however remain higher as smaller banks or credit unions are migrating to an outsourced model.


  • This report discusses the current state of the core systems outsourcing retail banking market dissected by tiers.
  • This report also discusses the business and technology drivers/inhibitors for core systems outsourcing investment.
  • This report gives an in-depth analysis of the market sizing and opportunities within.
  • Lastly, this report gives an overview of the vendors offering outsourcing services within core system area in retail banking market.


Landscape on banking revenues side is changing as we can observe slowdown in mortgage market, deposit growth decrease within top tier banks, upturn in corporate banking or slowdown on consumer credit. Revenue slowdown increases efficiency pressure, which translates into activity around core systems.

Reducing application development time and cost are emerging as main drivers of transforming or replacing existing core system solutions into and outsourced model.

The core system market will continue to grow relatively slowly at overall market level, but with more narrowly defined vendor opportunities in the space growing considerably faster. Outsourcing opportunities to the lower tier institutions for example continue to experience healthy growth and will accelerate within mid-tier banks.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Develop a compelling go-to-market strategy with Datamonitor's timely and concise analysis of key business and technology issues.
  • Determine your short/medium/long-term objectives using Datamonitor's robust, granular market forecasts.
  • Assess your current offering in light of your current competitors and determine targeted strategic objectives for a competitive edge.
  • Chapter 1 Executive Summary
    • Key findings
  • Chapter 2 Retail Banking Market Overview
    • Introduction into the retail banking marketspace
    • Current IT spending patterns in retail banking
  • Chapter 3 Core System Market Overview
    • The current state of the North American retail banking core systems outsourcing and in-house maintenance market - a tier specific story.
    • Largest banks
    • Mid tier banks
    • Lower tier banks
  • Chapter 4 Drivers Behind Outsourcing
    • Business drivers for core system transformation to an outsourced model.
    • Reduced application development time and costs are driving core systems into an outsourced model.
    • Pricing and cost
    • ASP delivery model
    • Motivators
    • Inhibitors
    • Issues
    • Hosted Model
    • Core system application development and application management outsourcing.
    • Application management outsourcing is a key upsell opportunity for packaged vendors
    • Data center management outsourcing
    • Technology drivers for core system transformation into an outsourced model
  • Chapter 5 Market Opportunity
    • Outsourcing wave accelerating amongst mid-tier community
    • The move away from internal spending continues.
  • Chapter 6 Vendor Dynamics
    • Growing vendor opportunities within outsourcing and core system transformation
    • Competitive landscape
    • Vendor success criteria
    • Market leaders
    • Other important providers
  • Chapter 7 Conclusions For Outsourcers
    • Alignment of offering with market requirements
    • Strenght of market presence in North American retail core system outsourcing market
  • Chapter 8 Appendix
    • Tier Definitions
    • Future readings
    • SPP writing team
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1: Overview of Top Core Processing Technology Service Outsourcers
  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: Methodology
    • Figure 2: Top investment and IT budget growth areas for 2006
    • Figure 3: North American core system delivery model market overview.
    • Figure 4: Current situation amongst Tier 1 and 2 banks of willingness and plans to outsource (2006).
    • Figure 5: Which of the following best describes your core system environment? (2006)
    • Figure 6: Dynamics within ASP market.
    • Figure 7: Technological dependence.
    • Figure 8: Major differences between outsourcing, packaged software and proprietary systems.
    • Figure 9: Key Cost Implications
    • Figure 10: Key Risk Implications
    • Figure 11: Which are the most important technology drivers for your institution's core systems?
    • Figure 12: The future vision of banking technology
    • Figure 13: Process-centric service-oriented architecture
    • Figure 14: North American core system external vs. internal IT spend
    • Figure 15: Core system outsourcing growth in US market.
    • Figure 16: Vendor revenues from packaged vs. outsourced solutions, 2006
    • Figure 17: ASP model is highly significant share of core systems opportunity even in the top 100 US retail banks.
    • Figure 18: Overview of US core system market vendors in 2006.
    • Figure 19: Vendor market presence by revenues from core system outsourcing (estimated data) 2006.
    • Figure 20: Which are the most important qualities when seeking a vendor to transform your core processing systems?
    • Figure 21: Bank concerns and vendor success criteria
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