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Financial Services and Sports Promotion Case Study: Playing the Field

  • Publication Date:August 2010
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Brief
  • Pages:16

Financial Services and Sports Promotion Case Study: Playing the Field

The 2010 football World Cup placed a spotlight on the potential for event driven promotions and a tighter relationship between Financial Services providers and the sporting community. Future major sporting events such as the 2012 Olympics provide substantial opportunities for appealing to the connectivity trend amongst consumers.


  • Highlights the presence of FS companies at the 2010 World Cup and other major sporting events
  • Analyses the advantages that this strategy can bring in terms of boosting reputation as well as the highlighting some of the dangers of this strategy.


  • Major sporting events provide a catalyst for brand strengthening and sales empowerment via opportunities for themed promotions. The world cup saw the release of a number of innovative strategies, some tying in the performance of various financial products with the results of national football teams whilst others launched themed marketing campaigns.
  • Bank of America claim their sponsorship of sporting events is driven by an appreciation of the power of sport: "This rich heritage is grounded in our belief that sports can bring individuals, communities and nations closer together". FS providers can look to enjoy benefits associated with recognition of a relationship between sport and their brand.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Gain insight into the methods used by important industry players to give them a competitive edge
  • Identify the implications of changing consumer behaviours and priorities
  • Capitalize on the knowledge of experienced companies when entering a new niche or market
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  • Summary
  • Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Improving the broader brand of the FS industry is key, and sport can play an important role
    • The role of FS companies in creating the financial crisis and resulting global recession has led to a collapse in brand value
    • Financial Services companies had a strong sponsorship presence at the 2010 football World Cup
    • The 2010 World cup saw the release of a number of FS product promotions focused on the event
    • FS providers in the UK released a number of world cup linked promotions
    • UK providers are not alone in offering World Cup linked products
    • Close connections to sporting events provide an array of possibilities for FS providers
    • The United Kingdom provides an example of the profusion of sports events sponsorship by FS companies
    • in approaching consumers through shared interests FS providers are tapping into the potential of the connectivity megatrend
    • Involvement with sport at a grass roots level provides a fantastic opportunities for FS institutions
    • Grass roots associations go far to promote the brand with parents and the community at large
    • Associations with sport could prove effective at targeting younger, less engaged FS customers
    • Young adults are less enamored with the prospect of developing a strong relationship with their financial services provider and yet are those with the most potential
    • Building brand awareness with the younger generation will reap benEFIts in the longer term
    • Connections with sports events, teams and individuals are not without some risk
    • Less fortunate organizations have come to appreciate the dangers of aligning their brand with sports figures
    • State owned enterprise must be careful to avoid public backlash for using public money in sponsorship deals
    • UK FS companies should learn from successes and failures of their promotional campaigns in preparation for the Olympics in 2012
    • Lloyds TSB are engaging consumers with a well thought out Olympic marketing strategy
    • Lloyds are reinforcing their claims of genuinely aiding consumers through supporting talented athletes at a community level and school children
    • Lloyds are also emphasizing the potential for businesses to take part in the Olympics
  • Appendix
    • DEFInitions
    • The Datamonitor Financial Services Consumer Insight Megatrend Framework
    • Authenticity
    • Comfort
    • Connectivity
    • Convenience
    • Individualism
    • Wellbeing
    • Demographic Complexity
    • Financial Intelligence Complexity
    • Lifestage Complexity
    • Wealth Complexity
    • Methodology
    • Ask the analyst
    • Datamonitor consulting
    • Disclaimer
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1: FS brand value buckled under pressure in 2009 and must be rebuilt
  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: Spanish football sponsor Banesto supports the national team: "what we all want"
    • Figure 2: MasterCard appeal to the loyalty of consumers for their sports teams
    • Figure 3: Messages of togetherness emphasize that banks are part of the community
    • Figure 4: Grass roots sports support offers a large FS companies an opportunity to rejuvenate their brand image
    • Figure 5: Headlines reflect public distaste at state owned institutions use of public funding
    • Figure 6: Lloyds are encouraging their connections with consumers at all levels of sport
    • Figure 7: Lloyds are building synergies with businesses looking to take part in the growth potential of the Olympic games
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