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Worldwide Financial Services 2012 Top 10 Predictions
Thriving or Just Surviving?

  • Publication Date:December 2011
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:22

Worldwide Financial Services 2012 Top 10 Predictions Thriving or Just Surviving?

This IDC Financial Insights report presents our top 10 predictions for global financial services. As we entered 2011, optimism was gaining traction; however, as the year progressed, economic and market conditions began to erode. Looking into 2012, financial institutions will need to directly address the concerns around regulatory changes as well as deal with an aging infrastructure that may manifest into customer interruptions of service and continued public sentiment against the industry.

According to David Potterton, vice president of Global Research at IDC Financial Insights, "While 2012 will be challenging for many financial institutions around the world, it also presents strategic opportunities for firms with vision to create the foundation to offer the next generation of financial products and services."

  • Predictions
    • In This Study
    • Situation Overview
    • 2012 Key Themes
    • Regulatory and Compliance Burden
    • Channels, Analytics, and Customer Trust
    • Business Efficiency
    • Revenue Enhancement
    • 2012 Key Initiatives
    • Capital Optimization
    • Channel Enhancement
    • Infrastructure Improvements
    • Market Impact on Economy and IT Spend
    • IT and Economic Outlook for 2012
  • Future Outlook
    • 1. Tumultuous Financial Markets, Failing Institutions, and Lower Profits in Europe and the United States Will Inhibit, But Not Eliminate, IT Spending Growth
    • 2. Financial Institutions Will See the Need to Develop a New Business Model, But Execution Will Elude the Industry
    • 3. Financial Institutions Will Struggle to Harness the Right Channel Mix for an Optimum Customer Experience
    • 4. Revenue Generation Will Continue to Be a Major Challenge in 2012 as Financial Institutions Explore New Pricing Options Enabled by Technology
    • 5. IT Reliability Will Become a Major Risk Factor Because of the Age and Complexity of Key Systems
    • 6. Financial Institutions Will Generate Less than 10% of Total Mobile Payments
    • 7. Financial Institutions Will Continue to Tackle Operational Efficiencies and Will Target Average Cost Income Ratios of 40%
    • 8. Risk Management Will Top $60 Billion and 15% of Total IT Investments Across Worldwide Financial Services
    • 9. Financial Institutions Will Use Social Media to Improve Decision Making and Drive Financial Results
    • 10. Over 40% of All Tier 1 Banking and Capital Market Firms Will Gear Up to Execute "Big Data"/Analytics Business and Technology Strategies
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