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Distribution in UK Commercial General Insurance 2008
Financial Services

  • Publication Date:February 2009
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:18

Distribution in UK Commercial General Insurance 2008 Financial Services


This brief provides an analysis of the distribution dynamics taking place within the commercial general insurance market. The brief also examines the attitudes and purchasing behavior SMEs exhibit in regards to their insurance products, and includes a discussion on current and future purchasing patterns.


  • A breakdown of commercial general insurance by channel of distribution
  • Insight into the commercial insurance purchasing behavior of SMEs

  • Highlights

    Online insurance provider Coverzones, which allows SMEs to compare, choose and buy small business insurance directly from a range of 13 insurance providers, launched in June 2008.

    Reasons to Purchase

  • Gain insight into the shifting dynamics of the commercial general insurance market
  • Analyze SME attitudes towards buying insurance products online and over the telephone
    • Catalyst
    • Summary
    • Analysis
      • Large National Brokers Continue To Dominate Commercial Insurance Distribution
      • Independent Insurance Intermediaries Of All Types Retain Their Leading Market Share In 2008
      • Direct Players Account For A Small But Growing Portion Of The Commercial General Insurance Market
      • Corporate Partnerships Have Maintained Only A Small Presence In The Commercial Insurance Market
      • Banks And Building Societies Distribute Negligible Amounts Of Commercial General Insurance
      • The Broker Channel Continues To Dominate The Sme Market With Retention Levels Remaining High
      • Brokers Remained The Dominant Distribution Channel To Target Smes In 2008
      • The Internet Is The Least Common Platform For Smes Purchasing Commercial Insurance
      • The Majority Of Smes Remain Satisfied With Their Insurance Provider
      • Long Standing Relationships Are Important To Smes Purchasing Commercial Insurance
      • Smes Purchasing Their Insurance Through A Bank Or A Broker Value Advice From Their Insurance Providers The Most
      • Price Is Important To Many Smes Choosing An Insurance Provider
      • A Significant Proportion Of Smes Are Open To Purchasing Their Insurance Via The Internet Or Phone
      • The Convenience Factor Of The Phone Is Appealing To Many Smes Considering A Telephone Purchase
      • Many Smes Are Unwilling To Purchase Their Insurance Over Telephone
      • Over A Third Of Smes Would Consider A Purchase Online
      • Employers' Liability And Public Liability Were The Most Likely Products To Buy Via Alternative Platforms
    • Appendix
      • Definitions
      • Premium Income Measures
      • Gross Premium
      • Written Premiums
      • Distribution Definitions
      • Banks/Building Societies
      • Brokers
      • Company Staff
      • Direct
      • 'Other' Company Agents
      • Utilities/Retailers/Affinity Groups
      • Methodology
      • Datamonitor's Sme Insurance Survey
      • Further Reading
      • Ask The Analyst
      • Datamonitor Consulting
      • Disclaimer
    • List Of Tables
      • Table 1: Market Share Of Distribution Channels In The Commercial General Insurance Market, 2004-08e
      • Table 2: Q: "how Important Is It To Receive Advice On An Ongoing Basis From Your Insurance Provider?"
      • Table 3: Q: "what Business Sector Are You Involved In?"
      • Table 4: Q: "how Large Is Your Company In Terms Of Number Of Employees?"
      • Table 5: Q: "how Large Is Your Company In Terms Of Turnover?"
    • List Of Figures
      • Figure 1: Brokers Are The Dominant Route To Market For Commercial Insurers In The Uk
      • Figure 2: Most Smes Purchase Their Commercial Insurance Through The Broker Channel
      • Figure 3: Most Smes Purchase Their Insurance Through Face To Face Contact With Their Insurance Provider
      • Figure 4: Most Smes Are Satisfied With The Service They Have Received From Their Insurance Providers
      • Figure 5: A Large Proportion Of Smes Have Been With Their Insurance Provider For More Than 10 Years
      • Figure 6: Receiving Ongoing Advice From Their Insurance Provider Is Important To Most Smes
      • Figure 7: Many Smes Consider The Price Of An Insurance Premium To Be An Important Factor When Choosing A Commercial Insurance Provider
      • Figure 8: The Convenience Factor Appeals To Many Smes Prepared To Purchase Insurance Over The Phone
      • Figure 9: A Significant Proportion Of Smes Would Not Consider A Telephone Purchase Because They Simply Prefer Face To Face
      • Figure 10: A Significant Proportion Of Smes Would Consider A Purchase Online In A Bid To Save Money
      • Figure 11: Smes Show A Greater Inclination To Purchase Employers' Liability And Public Liability Via The Telephone And Internet
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