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Trends in Global Contact Center Outsourcing Pricing and Attrition (Strategic Focus)

  • Publication Date:May 2008
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:28

Trends in Global Contact Center Outsourcing Pricing and Attrition (Strategic Focus)


An overview of the ongoing shifts in global contact center outsourcing attrition trends, as well as an analysis of pricing and cost issues.


An overview of the key factors inducing attrition in outsourced contact centers globally A regional discussion outlining key contact center delivery markets, and local attrition related issues on the ground A discussion on pricing and cost related issues in global outsourced contact centers The impact of attrition and price rises on the clients of outsourced contact centers


Outsourced contact centers face considerable challenges from agent turnover, which results in lost profitability Agent related costs form the largest problem for outsourcers seeking to maintain margin, but challenges related to organic inflation and foreign exchange are also proving to be at issue for vendors of these services. Clients of outsourcers need to be conscious of the challenges that their vendor partners are facing in regard to escalating costs and agent churn, as it can lead to increased prices as well as quality erosion.

Reasons to Purchase

Learn about the major attrition-related challenges facing outsourced contact centers globally, and in key delivery markets Understand the evolution of outsourced contact center pricing, and the variables that may be affecting vendor inputs Determine the right strategies for dealing with attrition and cost increases, without sacrificing profitability and delivery quality.

  • Overview
  • Catalyst
  • Summary
  • Key Messages
    • Agent attrition and price increases are becoming more interdependent
    • Attrition is hurting contact centers globally
    • Outsourced pricing is being impacted by operational and exogenous factors
    • Agent attrition and cost rises have the potential to hurt outsourcing business
    • Table of figures
    • Table of tables
  • Market Opportunity
    • Why are we writing about pricing and attrition?
    • Agent attrition is rising globally
    • Contact center prices continue to rise
    • Pricing and attrition pressures are interconnected
    • Client satisfaction is affected by agent churn and price increases
    • What is causing agent attrition?
    • Organic inflation
    • Inter-vertical competition for talent
    • Overheated contact center sectors
    • Poor management and supervision
    • Contact center functions
    • Lack of career progression opportunities
    • Regional attrition discussion
    • Onshore markets
    • US and Western Europe
    • Mature offshore markets
    • Canada
    • India
    • Philippines
    • Mexico
    • Emerging offshore locations
    • European nearshore
    • South Africa
    • Outsourced contact center pricing
    • Rising prices
    • Agent-related costs
    • Foreign Exchange Volatility
    • Pricing survey
    • Domestic outsourced pricing
    • Mature offshore markets
    • Emerging offshore markets
  • Customer Impact: How Pricing and Attrition Affects Outsourcing Clients
    • Attrition and price hikes are already affecting clients and prospects
    • Higher price points
    • Quality concerns
    • The possibility of alternative business models
  • Go to Market
    • Recommendations
    • Understand issues in the local market affecting pricing and attrition
    • Culture
    • Local economic issues
    • Macro-level challenges
    • Develop clear career paths for agents
    • Ensure realistic and value-added benefit packages
    • Fulfilling work atmosphere
    • Preventative recruitment measures
    • Frequent feedback sessions
    • Augment supervisor training
    • Explore blended business models
    • Mitigate cost rise risks through financial instruments
  • Appendix
    • Methodology
    • Further reading
    • Ask the analyst
    • Datamonitor consulting
    • Disclaimer
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1: Onshore inbound customer care hourly fully-loaded pricing: 2008
    • Table 2: Onshore inbound customer care hourly fully-loaded pricing: 2008
    • Table 3: Emerging offshore inbound customer care hourly fully-loaded pricing: 2008
  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: Factors leading to attrition in outsourced contact centers
    • Figure 2: Inflation rises across selected offshore delivery locations: 2007
    • Figure 3: USD versus Euro: 2004 - 2008
    • Figure 4: Major contact center headaches among in-house providers
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