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Next Generation Internet Banking:Successfully maximising revenue streams

Next Generation Internet Banking:Successfully maximising revenue streams

Top reasons why you should buy this report today

  • Benchmark your internet banking strategies for future success.
  • Learn from the key players in developing a successful internet banking business model.
  • Understand your revenue and growth potential with internet banking.
  • Learn the best practice and operational insights in developing the Internet as an effective sales channel.

Over the last decade Internet Banking propositions have evolved from simple brochures into supermarket stores. Today, Internet Banking itself has become a mainstream offering with all first and second tier banks offering internet banking facilities in the Asia Pacific. The channel is no longer a competitive advantage but necessity and the focus has shifted to transforming Internet Banking into highly interactive personal portals. Banks across the region are working on sophisticated navigation systems, interactive tools, integrated processing of account and product applications, segmented offerings and targeted marketing strategies.

Leading banks in the region are also actively pursuing strong revenue performance, customer retention, deposit generation and increasing efforts to integrate the Internet banking platform with call centre and mobile phone banking.

This report presents the latest developments and initiatives in converting Internet Banking into an effective sales channel and creating a highly interactive portal for better customer retention, usage and satisfaction.

How can you benefit form this report

  • Identify and present the best practices and benchmarks in the internet banking industry
  • Provides strategic and operational insights to guide the institutions in establishing Internet banking as an effective sales channel
  • Provides operational insights in client acquisition
  • Identify key elements in personalising relationships for Internet Banking customers
  • Identify the risks and challenges in internet banking and select approaches that have been successful in overcoming them.

Who should buy this report

This report is essential reading for

  • Heads of Consumer Banking
  • Heads of Internet Banking / E-channels
  • Heads of Strategic Planning
  • Information Managers
  • Regulators who wish to understand successful Internet Banking strategies and tools,
  • Related technology vendors and consulting firms.
  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • 1 Current scenario and emerging trends 1995 - 2010
    • a. Strategic trends in Internet Banking
    • i. Evolution in Internet banking
    • b. Industry trends in Internet Banking
    • i. Maturity of Internet banking by country
    • ii. Recent developments in the industry
    • iii. Leading banks in Internet Banking in the region
    • c. Driving factors to expand Internet banking
    • d. Profile of internet banking propositions in the Asia Pacific.
    • i. Administrative and transactional strength of Internet bankingpropositions among players in Asia Pacific
    • ii. Scope of products offered by banks
    • iii. Scope of functionalities offered by banks
  • 2. Internet banking business models and approaches - Key success factors
    • a. Transition in business models
    • b. Key approaches of banks in Internet banking
    • i. Critical considerations for ?Internet only?banks
    • ii. Critical considerations for Direct banks
  • 3. Value chain in Internet Banking
    • a. Delivery channel distribution
    • b. Profitability and cost effectiveness of different channels
    • c. Value generation in Internet banking
    • d. Cost/Revenue structure
    • e. Strategic value from online banking
  • 4. Key operational elements of successful Internet banking business
    • a. Building blocks and critical requirements
    • b. Key technical requirements
    • c. Optimising process initiatives
    • I. Elements of process optimisation
    • II. Optimising account opening process
    • III. Optimising lending process
    • IV. Maturity in process optimisation
  • 5. Risk management and security measures
    • a. Internet Banking and risk environment
    • b. Security issues and fraud mitigation
    • c. Authentication and security measures
    • d. Risk management
  • 6. Developing the Internet as an effective sales channel- best practices and operational insights
    • a. Effective product and services deployment
    • i. Key elements
    • ii. Target segments
    • iii. Success factors in bill payment and fund transfer
    • b. Personalised products and services
    • i. Customer convenience through personalised products
    • ii. Key elements and best practices
    • c. Sales migration
    • d. Customer acquisition
    • i. Strategic marketing
    • ii. Converting visits to leads
    • e. Managing CRM in internet banking
    • f. Multi-channel integration
  • 7. Conclusion - Critical success factors for future success
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