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HPC Training and Development
Hpc User Forum, April 2010, Dearborn, Michigan

  • Publication Date:May 2010
  • Publisher:IDC
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HPC Training and Development Hpc User Forum, April 2010, Dearborn, Michigan

This IDC update documents a session from the 36th High-Performance Computing (HPC) User Forum in near-verbatim form. In addition to a composite of the entire event, IDC has produced shorter, topic-specific update documents based on key components of this meeting. These briefer documents are available without charge by emailing hpc@idc.com. The 36th High-Performance Computing User Forum meeting took place at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan, April 13-14, 2010. The principal theme of the meeting was, "Using HPC to Drive Economic and Scientific Competitiveness." The meeting was held for the first time in conjunction with the annual DICE Alliance meeting. The principal tasks of the meeting were to:

  • Share information among HPC users, vendors, and IDC for improving the health of the HPC industry
  • Assess the situation and achievements of tier 1 and supply chain (SMB) manufacturers that employ HPC
  • Receive updates on key HPC programs in the government sector
  • Discuss the status quo and directions in application scalability
  • Explore the potential for cloud computing in HPC
  • Hear and discuss technical updates from HPC hardware, software, and storage vendors
  • Deliver IDC's latest HPC market update and forecast data
  • In This Update
    • IDC Introduction
    • HPC and Training and Development
      • Panel: Training and Developing HPC People
        • Moderators: Paul Buerger, Avetec, and Jim Kasdorf, PSC
        • Panel Members
        • Question 1: What Skills Are Needed for HPC Programming Techniques, Numerical Techniques, and Hardware? Which Are in Short Supply and/or Hard to Master?
        • Question 2: Are Academic Programs Adequately Preparing Students for HPC? What Should They Be Doing Differently, and What About Training Preparation Outside of Academia?
        • Question 3: How Important Are Specific Programming Models and Specific Languages?
        • Question 4: Where Does One Learn How to Write, Debug, Optimize, and Document Large Codes That Are Maintainable?
    • Meeting Wrap-Up and Future Meeting Dates
      • Next U.S. Meeting
      • Next International Meetings
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