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Leveraging Corporate Knowledge

  • Publication Date:November 2004
  • Publisher:Ashgate Publishing
  • Product Type: Book
  • Pages:252
  • ISBN:9780566085765
Leveraging Corporate Knowledge

Leveraging Corporate Knowledge

It is a generation since Peter Drucker first identified and described 'knowledge work'. Today knowledge, individual and corporate, is the dominant force in the business world. How to acquire appropriate knowledge, how to store it for easy access, how to manage it for the benefit of the organisation - these are the preoccupations of management worldwide.

The Henley Knowledge Management Forum was founded in 2000 by Dr Edward Truch, Chairman of Knowledge Partners, and Professor David Birchall of Henley Management College. The Forum brings together specialists in the field from commerce, industry and government and its work enjoys an international reputation. This book presents the findings of a wide range of research projects. It provides insight and guidance across a spectrum of topics, from broad issues like organisational design and culture change, to eminently practical questions concerning the use of modern information technology to support knowledge management.

The contributors include not only leading British and European academics, but senior managers from such companies as Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, Unisys and Vodafone. The resulting volume is one that will benefit students, teachers, researchers and practitioners alike - anyone, indeed, with a serious interest in knowledge management.

  • Foreword, Leif Edvinsson
  • Introduction
  • Strategy and Organization: The importance of strategic fit, Edward Truch and David Bridger
  • A framework for comparing knowledge management practices, Christine van Winkelen, David Birchall and Geoff Smith
  • Knowledge management in project-based organizations, Judy Payne and Tony Sheehan
  • Exploring e-collaboration space, Jane McKenzie and Christine van Winkelen
  • Building effective communities, Christine van Winkelen and Philip Ramsell
  • Management of Change: Winning commitment for knowledge management initiatives, Jane McKenzie, Anna Truch and Christine van Winkelen
  • Interorganizational relationship transformation, Christopher Ibbott
  • Enabling conditions for virtual tacit knowledge exchange, Jane McKenzie and Richard Potter
  • Replicating excellence, Jon Maddocks, Mark Beaney and David Birchall
  • Below the Surface: Personality and knowledge sharing, Anna Truch, Dave Bartram and Malcolm Higgs
  • Impact of organizational tribal structures, George Tovstiga and David Birchall
  • Towards integral culture change, Alex Goodall, Robert Taylor and Suzanne Pollack
  • Technology-Based Enablement: Knowledge development using data mining, Steve Moyle, Eric Ostrowski and Marko Bohanec
  • Managing information overload, Sharm Manwani and Suzie Moon
  • Adoption of supporting technologies, Christine van Winkelen, Sharm Manwani and Richard Potter
  • Afterword, Tony Buzan
  • Index.
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