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How to Manage Knowledge Workers

  • Publication Date:June 2005
  • Publisher:Ashgate Publishing
  • Product Type: DVD
  • Pages:
  • ISBN:9780347603096

How to Manage Knowledge Workers

Running Time: 12 minutes

The films in the Learning a la Carte film series, which is part of the larger TakeAway Training series, describe fresh challenges, innovative solutions and give informed insights into the future of work. Featuring discussions between psychologist Peter Quarry and leading international experts, these programmes are ideal for learning centres, training sessions and managers' own bookshelves.

In this film, find out who are the new knowledge workers and what they do. Gain valuable insights about how to manage them to ensure commitment, productivity and innovation. Key learning points include: why everyone is a knowledge worker; characteristics of knowledge workers; focusing on continuous development; implications of the 'contract economy'; 'communities of practice' to encourage knowledge sharing; creating 'knowledge products'. The programme features psychologist Peter Quarry, interviewing Verna Allee, of the Integral Performance Group, USA.

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