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Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development

  • Publication Date:February 2010
  • Publisher:Ashgate Publishing
  • Product Type: Book
  • Pages:614
  • ISBN:9780566088582

Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development

On few occasions in the history of modern management have leadership skills been in such sharp focus as they are now. The ability to direct often very large and diverse organizations; to make sense of the complex and turbulent markets and environments in which you operate; and to adapt and learn seems at an all time premium.

The premise behind the fifth edition of this influential Handbook is that leadership, management and organizational development are all parts of the same process; enhancing the capacity of organizations, whatever their size, and the people within them to achieve their purpose.

To this end, the editors have brought together a who's who of current writers on leadership and development and created the definitive single volume guide to the subject. The perspectives that the text provides to leadership, learning and development, embrace the formal and the informal, cultures and case examples from organizations of all kinds; and offers readers a rigorous, readable and, where appropriate, ground-breaking book.

In the 14 years since the fourth edition of this classic book, very much has changed. But the need for this Handbook is as strong as ever and the Fifth Edition of Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development is set to become a definitive read for senior managers and those who develop them and an essential reader for the management students aspiring to become the next generation of leaders.

  • Preface, Alan Mumford
  • Preface to the new edition, Jeff Gold and Richard Thorpe
  • Part 1 Leadership and Management Development in the 21st Century: Leadership and management development: the current state, Richard Thorpe and Jeff Gold
    • National and international developments in leadership and management development, Kai Peters.
  • Part 2 Strategic Work in Leadership and Management Development: Crafting a leadership and management development strategy I, John Burgoyne
    • Crafting a leadership and management development strategy II, Tim Spackman
    • Developing the board through corporate governance reform and board evaluation, Terry McNulty
    • Strategies for leadership and executive development, Murray M. Dalziel
    • Leadership, management and organisational development, Richard Bolden
    • Leadership and management development in small and medium-sized enterprises: SME worlds, Jeff Gold and Richard Thorpe
    • Leadership and diversity development, Beverly Dawn Metcalfe
    • Leadership ethics, Simon Robinson
    • Evidence-based leadership and management development, Bob Hamlin.
  • Part 3 Basics: Measuring and assessing managers and leaders for development, Jeff Gold and Paul Iles
    • Talent management and career development, Paul Iles and David Preece
    • How leaders and managers learn, Jeff Gold, Richard Thorpe and Alan Mumford
    • Choosing and using exceptional events for informal learning, Lloyd Davies
    • Evaluation, Lisa Anderson.
  • Part 4 Advanced Processes and Tools: Neuro-linguistic programming for leaders and managers, Paul Tosey
    • Leading reflection: developing the relationship between leadership and reflection, Russ Vince and Mike Reynolds
    • Feedback and 360 degree development, Peter Holt, Suzanne Pollack and Phil Radcliff
    • Building quality into executive coaching, David E. Gray
    • Intuitive intelligence, Eugene Sadler-Smith and Erella Shefy
    • Critical action learning, Kiran Trehan and Mike Pedler
    • Mentoring for leaders and managers, Bob Garvey
    • E-learning for managers and leaders, Jim Stewart.
  • Part 5 Widening Horizons: Leadership and management development in the voluntary and community sectors, Alison Trimble and Becky Malby
    • Leadership and management development for the environment, Alan Murray
    • Leading and managing in global contexts, Kim Turnbull James and James Collins
    • Conversations and learning: narrative and development in practice, John Lawler and Jackie Ford
    • Public sector leadership and management development, Jean Hartley
    • Developing leaders as futures thinkers, Pero Micic
  • Index
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