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10 Mistakes in Marketing

10 Mistakes in Marketing

The TakeAway Training Film Series comprises short, practical training films providing managers, supervisors and staff with techniques, advice and ideas on some of the key areas of their job.

The series which features 'talking head discussion' between psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, is designed for learning resource centres and management self-development. When the first titles in the series appeared People Management Journal said: '...one of the main selling points is that they firmly place responsibility for learning with the learner...They could be used either as stand-alone distance learning tools or as part of a training session. I am sure that any viewer will be able to take up their basic principles and apply them.'

It's no surprise that a great product or service will be overlooked without effective marketing. Yet many businesses don't make the most of their marketing spend. In this program, Carolyn Stafford discusses ten common marketing mistakes. The tips and traps outlined here will save your business time and money by avoiding poor or ineffective marketing activities. They include:

  • Understanding the big picture
  • The scattergun approach
  • Cutting the budget
  • Client scope
  • Staff
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Flexibility
  • Investment

Running time: 17 minutes

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