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Analyzing the Australian Media & Advertising Industry

Analyzing the Australian Media & Advertising Industry

Major national newspapers in circulation today can trace their origins to publications from the colonial period. Early Australian newspapers serve as an important record of local, state and national events and their pages are a rich source of information about a community's history. According to latest April 2009 reports, the Australian newspaper industry is outperforming its counterparts in the UK and US, with advertising revenues only falling marginally from 2008.

In the advertising scenario, there is a global recession, and it is forecasted that Australia will have a soft 2009, after two strong years of performance. According to market researcher Aegis Media, the advertising industry in Australia will increase 1.7% in 2009. However, with a price inflation of 5.2%, spending will actually drop 3.5%. Only the online sector will mark a real growth of 9.7%, but the figure is cut to 5.7% if price inflation is considered.

The future of the ad industry is not in doubt - things will get better, but only companies that have positioned themselves correctly will be able to capitalize on the upswing. To do this, many firms are looking toward technology as the point of departure for huge returns. The convergence of the Internet with television, the growth of wireless communication, and the increasing use of digital video recorders all offer new avenues and challenges for advertisers. Further consolidation across national borders is also expected as ad firms try to deliver global capabilities in an increasingly competitive market.

Aruvian Research’s report on Analyzing the Australian Media & Advertising Industry thoroughly explains the Australian advertising industry by establishing a clear demarcation of the industry components and the top spenders as well as the service providers in the global context. This helps the reader understand the industry in a nutshell overlooking the competitive activity in the industry.

The report also builds a mapping of the major advertising segments namely newspapers, magazines, internet advertising, amongst others. In this section, the report explains each of these markets in detail with their commercial characteristics along with the major players which are active in these markets thereby drawing up the overall business picture for advertising in these markets.

The report presents a future outlook for the Australian advertising industry in order to better equip the researcher with the projected growth variants for this industry.

A. Executive Summary

B. Newspapers in Australia
B.1 History of Newspapers in Australia
B.2 Rise of an Industry
B.3 Changing Formats and Competition
B.4 Modern Journalism Era Dawns
B.4.1 Some Current Leading Newspapers
B.5 Performance of Australian Newspapers
B.5.1 Favorable Conditions in Australia for Newspaper Reading
B.6 Key Trends in the Australian Print Landscape
B.7 Ten Year Trends in Australian Newspapers
B.8 Trends in Readership
B.9 Trends in Newspaper Sales
B.10 Overview of Circulation and Readership
B.10.1 Circulation of Metropolitan and National Dailies
B.10.2 Readership of Metropolitan and National Dailies
B.10.3 Readership of Online News
B.10.4 Readership of Regional and Community Newspapers
B.10.5 Circulation and Readership of Magazines
B.11 National Plan for Australian Newspapers
B.12 Ownership Changes
B.13 Future of Newspapers

C. Magazines in Australia

D. Advertising in Australia

D.1 Global Advertising Trends
D.2 Global Advertising 2009 Forecast
D.3 Australian Advertising Trends
D.4 Regulatory Framework
D.5 Top Advertisers
D.6 Australian Advertising Awards and Festivals
D.7 Ad Spends: Newspapers Relative to Other Media
D.8 Ad Spends: Newspapers by Publication Type
D.8 Advertising Revenue from Newspapers
D.10 Ad Rates of Top Newspapers
D.10.1 Australian Financial Review
D.10.2 Herald Sun
D.10.3 The Advertiser
D.10.4 The Age
D.10.5 The Australian
D.10.6 The Courier Mail
D.10.7 The Daily Telegraph
D.10.8 The Mercury
D.10.9 The Sydney Morning Herald
D.10.10 The West Australian

E. Looking at Internet Advertising
E.1 Market Profile
E.2 Australian Produced Advertisements
E.3 Political Advertising in Australia
E.4 Ad Wars in Australia - Rising Negativity

F. Print Ad Case Studies
F.1 Case 1: Ford Shifts Perceptions
F.2 Case 2: The Climate Institute

G. Australia's Leading Creative Agencies
G.1 Clemenger BBDO
G.2 STW Communications Group
G.3 George Patterson Y&R
G.4 Y&R Australia
G.5 DDB Worldwide
G.6 McCann Erickson
G.7 Publicis Groupe
G.8 Leo Burnett
G.9 Grey Group

H. Australia's Leading Media Agencies
H.1 Mitchell & Partners
H.2 OMD Australia
H.3 MediaCom
H.4 Starcom MediaVest
H.5 Universal McCann
H.6 ZenithOptimedia
H.7 Initiative
H.8 Carat Australia
H.9 Mediaedge:CIA
H.10 MindShare

I. Glossary of Terms

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