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IDC's Marketing Performance Matrix 2008
Innovation in Technology CMOs' Leadership

  • Publication Date:July 2008
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:19

IDC's Marketing Performance Matrix 2008 Innovation in Technology CMOs' Leadership

This IDC Insight presents IDC's 2008 Marketing Performance Matrix and the results from interviews with senior marketing management at several companies in the leadership quadrant. This analysis serves as the basis for identifying innovation in tech marketing leadership. The matrix is based on a comprehensive analysis of leading IT companies' internal marketing operational key performance indicators (KPIs) versus their effectiveness in the marketplace. IDC's CMO Advisory Practice provides strategic insight to help technology marketers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing practices.

Marketing operational data for many of the world's leading technology companies is drawn from IDC's Tech Marketing Benchmarks database. The Tech Marketing Benchmarks database contains quantitative and qualitative investment data for over 100 technology leaders, representing over $400 billion in revenue. Recent updates to the database include information from CMO Advisory's 2007 Technology Marketing Benchmarks Survey and 12 months of best practices research within the CMO Advisory Service.

  • IDC Opinion
  • In This Insight
  • Situation Overview
  • Figure: IDC's Marketing Performance Matrix - Hardware, Software, and Services Companies
    • Efficiency Versus Effectiveness - Basis for the Marketing Performance Matrix
      • Efficiency Dimension: How Efficient Is Your Organization from an Operational Perspective -
      • Table: IDC Tech Marketing Benchmarks Database
      • Table: IDC's Marketing Performance Matrix - Key Attributes for Efficiency (Operations)
      • Effectiveness Dimension: How Effective Is Your Organization from a Market Performance Perspective -
      • Table: IDC's Marketing Performance Matrix - Key Attributes for Effectiveness (Execution)
    • Innovation in Tech Marketing Leadership
    • Figure: Common Characteristics of Companies in the Marketing Leadership Quadrant
    • Figure: Availability of Applications and Capabilities Within Marketing Organization Today
    • Case Studies from the Leadership Quadrant
      • Avaya
      • Citrix
      • HP Technology Solutions Group
      • Nortel
      • Sun Microsystems
  • Future Outlook
  • Essential guidance
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