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Local Advertisers Plow $1 Billion Into Search (Mar '06)

Local Advertisers Plow $1 Billion Into Search (Mar '06)

The search engines have begun pick-pocketing local media, offering a new form of targeted advertising that is luring dollars from real estate, automotive, legal and other advertisers. This report tracks local search spending through 2010, examines key categories where local advertisers are spending the most, and offers recommendations for local media companies wanting to ride the bandwagon. An appendix lists paid-search spending projections for 210 local markets.

  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Local Search Spending Heads Skyward
  • Chapter 2: Finding Local Search Dollars
  • Chapter 3: What Happens Next in Local Search
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendix A: Local Search Results for 12 Cities
  • Appendix B: Local Search Spending in 210 Cities..................
    • Figure 1. Local Advertisers Compete for City Keywords
    • Figure 2. Local Search Advertising Rivals Banners & Listings by
    • Figure 3. Local Online Advertising Shares
    • Figs. 4-9. Vendors Offering Local Search Programming
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