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Facility Services in Slovakia

Facility Services in Slovakia

The report IC Market Tracking Facility Services by the company Interconnection Consulting analyzes the market of Facility Services. You get an overview of the development of the total market and the individual segments for example different customer segments such as commercial, retail, industry, healthcare an so on, or service types and sub-services types such as Technical Maintenance, Security Services, Cleaning Services, Accounting and Controlling and many more. All kind of services are devided into 3 big segments, namely Technical (Hard), Soft and Entrepreneurial.The report presents market forecasts for all product segments and regions for the upcoming three years, based on our econometric models. The Competition Analysis compares Market shares of the TOP companies by different categories such as for service segments in terms of value for the last two business years as well as rankings and changes in market shares. You also receive Information about the most important Factors of Influence concerning this market. Interconnection Consulting focuses on complex industry oriented market research. Market studies on about 100 different industries and countries are being published, including competition and distribution analyses. Additionally, market forecasts on demand for the areas of brand value, pricing decision, product tests, customer satisfaction as well as market and distribution analyses are provided.

  • 1) Introduction
    • 1.1) Market Structure
    • 1.2) Methodology
    • 1.3) Definitions & Demarcation
  • 2) Executive Summary
    • 2.1) Market at a Glance
    • 2.2) Market Summary
    • 2.3)Porters Five Forces
    • 3. Total Economic Environment
    • 3.1) General Economy
    • 3.2) Demography
    • 3.3) Outsourcing Tendencies
    • 3.4) Construction Environment
    • 3.5) National Economy
    • 3.6) Public Expenditure
  • 4) Total Market Analysis
    • 4.1) Market Analysis and Forecast for different Segments
    • 4.2) Competiton Analysis
  • 5) Pivot-Table
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