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Gower Handbook of Internal Communication

  • Publication Date:July 2009
  • Publisher:Ashgate Publishing
  • Product Type: Book
  • Pages:496
  • ISBN:9780566086892

Gower Handbook of Internal Communication

A comprehensive guide to managing communication within organizations, the Handbook recognises Internal Communication's continued growth as a management discipline. It is aimed at leaders who want insight into IC techniques for use in both day-to-day operational and change situations, for example, and also at the communication specialist seeking shared wisdom and new ideas.

Early chapters examine changes in the strategic context in which today's IC departments are operating. These include organizations' increasing need for innovation and responsiveness in a superfast changing environment; employees' increasing assertion of rights and personal requirements at work; management's increasing recognition of the importance of corporate reputation/brand value, particularly how to sustain and extend it; and finally, the effects on work and management patterns of digital communication. Step-by-step guides introduce the reader to creating IC strategies and to carrying out research and measurement.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1 The Fundamentals of Internal Communication: Measurement, Susan Walker
    • Creating an internal communication strategy, Marc Wright and Fiona Robertson
    • What makes a competent communicator?, Sue Dewhurst and Liam Fitzpatrick
    • Connecting with the unconnected, Ruth Findlay
    • Recognising and rewarding employees, Ike Levick
    • Communication at the coalface, Lindsey Uittenbogaard.
  • Part 2 Classic Models for Communication: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Fiona Robertson
    • The change curve, Marc Wright
    • Management theories X, Y and Z, Fiona Robertson
    • The Johari window, Fiona Robertson
    • McLelland's needs-based model of motivation, Fiona Robertson
    • Herzberg's 2-factor theory, Fiona Robertson
    • Mayo's Hawthorne study, Fiona Robertson.
  • Part 3 Skills and Media: Writing skills, Marc Wright
    • How to commission a video, Kelly Kass
    • Better presentations, Fiona Robertson
    • The concern scale, Marc Wright
    • How intranets and related technologies are re-defining internal communications, Paul Miller
    • Appreciative enquiry, Jonathan Priest
    • How to run a focus group, Patrick Williams
    • Facilitation skills for line managers, Marc Wright.
  • Part 4 Leadership and Change Communication: Leadership and engagement, Bill Quirke
    • Communicating through a merger or acquisition, Marc Wright
    • Make change last, Caisa Alpsten and Ulla Mogestad
    • New CEO: a case study in communicating, Lee Smith.
  • Part 5 Advanced Communication Skills: CSR and the communication professional, Ingrid Selene
    • Storytelling and business, Ian Buckingham and Paul Miller
    • Moving minds, Simon Wright
    • Perspective: the hidden dimension, Mike Klein
    • Cultural barriers, Marc Wright
    • Using pictures to convey strategy, Hilary Scarlett
    • Communication champions, Fiona Robertson
    • Better e-mails: the W-H-Y technique, Marc Wright
    • Creating meaningful dialogue at work, Jacqui Hitt
    • Advanced employee engagement, Kevin Keohane
    • How to create an award-winning change campaign, Nicky Flook.
  • Part 6 Social Media Inside the Enterprise: Social media: an introduction, Euan Semple
    • First steps in implementing social media, Marc Wright
    • Blogs and blogging, Marc Wright
    • Blogging for the finance sector, Yang-May Ooi
    • Writing for the web, Fiona Robertson
    • Instant messaging as a communication tool, Joanna Goodrick
  • Index
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