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Trends in African Outsourcing - Focus on North Africa

  • Publication Date:October 2010
  • Publisher:Ovum
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:29

Trends in African Outsourcing - Focus on North Africa

North Africa is often overlooked as a location for outsourcing delivery, in favor of more established hubs in India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. However, countries such as Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia have all emerged in recent years as viable low-cost centers, particularly for providing nearshore services to European clients.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides detailed analysis of North Africa's leading sourcing locations-- Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.
  • Looks at the potential for growth in the region's other major markets, including Algeria and Libya.


  • The number of IT services companies choosing to set up in North Africa has been steadily increasing in recent years, with the likes of Wipro, Genpact, Dell, Stream, and Sutherland Global Services opting to join major names such as IBM and HP, which have had presence in the region for some time.

Your key questions answered:

  • What are the advantages of locating an offshore delivery center in North Africa?
  • Which North African markets are most attractive as delivery locations, and why?
  • Summary
    • Catalyst
    • Ovum View
    • Key Messages
  • Outsourcing in North Africa
    • Overview
    • The Domestic IT Services Market
    • Advantages of North Africa as a Delivery Location
  • Looking outside the Established Markets
    • Overview
    • Algeria
    • Libya
  • North Africa's Leading IT Services Markets
    • Egypt
    • Morocco
    • Tunisia
  • Appendix
    • Further Reading
    • Methodology
    • Author
    • Ovum Consulting
    • Disclaimer
  • Table of Figures
    • Figure 1: Number of IT Services Deals Signed in North Africa, 2006–09
    • Figure 2: Fully Loaded Operating Costs per Fte for Large Centers, $ per Year
    • Figure 3: Number of Graduates per Year by Country
    • Figure 4: Egypt's Annual Number of Graduating Students, by Subject
    • Figure 5: Egyptian CRM Agent Positions, 2010–15
    • Figure 6: Moroccan CRM Agent Positions, 2010–15
  • Table of Tables
    • Table 1: North Africa Key Facts
    • Table 2: Average Flight times from Major North African Cities
    • Table 3: List of Countries by Median Age
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