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Web-to-Print / Web Commerce
Transforming Document Management and Marketing

Web-to-Print / Web Commerce Transforming Document Management and Marketing

Web-to-print is transforming the way that marketers, from the smallest to the largest, are viewing print. No longer restricted to online print ordering, technology is radically transforming companies' marketing strategies, offering them everything from centralized brand and document management to 100% personalized and customized marketing collateral with the potential to revolutionize how they communicate with customers.

The education process on Web-to-Print can be tricky, however. What exactly is "Web-to-print" and how do you get your mind around it? Is it production technology? Is it marketing? Is it static? Is it 1:1 and personalized print? Printers often don't know how to get started educating their customers and prospects. Marketers don't always know where to go for the most reliable information.

"Web-to-Print: Transforming Print Management and Marketing," part of the Marketer's Primer Series, is designed as a standalone primer or as a plug-and-play tool for educating your employees, customers, and prospects. Single-site, enterprise, and vendor/association licenses enable distribution within your company and, for printers, service providers, and vendors, to existing customers. Portions of the content may also be used in sales presentations, seminars, prospecting newsletters, and other marketing touches.

Without over-simplifying, the report provides the basics of Web-to-print as a tool for overhauling document management, marketing, and branding. It examines how Web-to-print is reshaping print marketing by changing cost structures, changing document management models, and driving customization and personalization.

Points are illustrated using best-in-class case studies, hypotheticals, and graphics from actual campaigns in key application categories, including...

  • short-run printing and versioning;
  • customized marketing collateral with centralized, online control;
  • one-off, personalized follow-ups;
  • user-generated personalization;
  • automated fulfillment;
  • true 1:1 print personalization

Report concludes with best practices and strategies for success.

Report Quick Stats:

  • 47 pages
  • 14 graphics, including sample Web-to-print dashboards, images from real Web-to-print marketing pieces, and pie charts showing industry adoption.
  • training and education licenses available for distribution within your company to train your sales force, marketing staff, and customer service reps

The report is broken down into five sections:

  • Section 1: Defining Web-to-print and look at the major impact it can have on your business.
  • Section 2: Implications of these capabilities and how they change the way marketers think about their marketing, their cost structures, and even the way they grow their businesses.
  • Section 3: Key production and implementation issues, including whether or not to bring a W2P solution in-house or outsource it to a printer or marketing services provider. It also addresses concerns about transitioning to digital print.
  • Section 4: Collection of "best in class" case studies on Web-to-print, broken down by application category, including short-run printing and versioning, customized marketing collateral with centralized, online control, one-off, personalized follow-ups; user-generated personalization; automated fulfillment; and true 1:1 print personalization.
  • Section 5: Conclusions and wrap up, with some key best practices to help you make the most of any Web-to-print investment.
  • Introduction
    • Who's Using Web-to-Print?
    • Capitalizing on Web-to-Print
    • Restructuring Your Thought Process
  • Section 1: Web-to-Print Basics
    • Defining Web-to-Print
    • Narrowing In: Areas of Biggest Marketing Impact
    • Branded and Permissions-Based Access
    • Centralized User Permissions
    • Central Document Repository
    • Full-Blown Personalization
    • One-Off Personalization
    • Cross-Channel Marketing
    • Simplified Re-Sizing and Repurposing
    • Third-Party Plug-Ins
    • Calculating the Bottom-Line Benefits
    • Time Savings
    • Reduction in Fulfillment Errors
    • Reduction or elimination of error and duplication in design
    • Savings in print and postage costs
    • Faster response time
    • Boosting revenues through relevance
    • Administrative cost reductions
    • Greening your printing
    • Case Studies to Drive It Home
  • Section 2: Changing Business Models
    • Transition to JIT and POD environment
    • Simplifying Targeting
    • Decentralized Marketing
    • Personalized Attention
    • Integration with Multi-Channel Marketing
    • Consistency of Output
    • Green Printing
  • Section 3: Production & Implementation Issues
    • Cost
    • Getting the Buy-In
    • Digital or Offset?
    • Range of Applications
    • Insourcing or Outsourcing the W2P Component?
    • Addressing Digital Press Concerns
  • Section 4: Case Studies in Web-to-Print
    • Application Categories
    • Short-Run Printing & Versioning
    • Customized Marketing Collateral With Centralized, Online
    • Control
    • One-Off, Personalized Follow-Ups
    • User-Generated Personalization & Fulfillment
    • Automated Fulfillment
    • 1:1 Print Personalization
    • What About Databases?
    • Publishing
    • Self-publishing
    • Small, POD Publishers
    • Large, Traditional Publishers
    • Other Publishing
    • Advertising Repurposing
  • Section 5: Critical Success Factors
    • Learning From Those Who've Been There
    • For Further Reference
    • About Heidi Tolliver-Nigro
    • Percentage of Printers Planning to Invest in Web-to-Print (2009)
    • Length of Time Web-to-Print Offered
    • Sample: Web-to-Print Dashboard - 1
    • Sample: Dashboard for a Triggered Multi-Channel, Multi-Touch
    • Campaign
    • Sample: Web-to-Print Dashboard - 2
    • Sample: Web-to-Print Dashboard - 3
    • Sample: Customizable Web-to-Print Template
    • Sample: Real-Time, Central Dashboard
    • Sample: Customize, Re-Load, Proof
    • Sample: Culinary Inspirations Personalized Mailer
    • What Is Your Preferred Method of Contact for Marketing and
    • Promotional Purposes?
    • Sample: Personalized URL, 1:1-Driven Follow-Ups
    • Sample: DSM Composite Resins Quarterly Segmented Newsletter
    • Sample: Howard Hanna Real Estate Direct Mailer
    • Sample: Polaris Personalized Follow-Up
    • Sample: Huntington College Personalized Follow-Up
    • Sample: Jay Pontiac-Buick Personalized Mailer
    • Which Type of Hard Copy Direct Mail Would You Prefer to Receive?
    • Sample: Strong Tower Publishing Dashboard
    • Sample: Re-Sizing of a Print Ad Using Web-to-Print
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