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Analysis of SunTrust Banks

  • Publication Date:January 2011
  • Publisher:Aruvian's R'search
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:60

Analysis of SunTrust Banks

Aruvian's R'search presents Analysis of SunTrust Banks. A complete and comprehensive analysis of SunTrust Banks, includes an overview of the industry the company operates in, a PEST Framework Analysis of the industry, and then moves on to analyzing the company itself.

Company analysis from Aruvian includes a history of SunTrust Banks, a business segment analysis of the segments SunTrust Banks operates through, a look at the organization structure of the company, a geographical operating segments analysis, an analysis of the company's major competitors.

A financial analysis of SunTrust Banks is presented in the report which includes a ratio analysis, basic profit and loss analysis, presentation of the company balance sheet, and much more.

A SWOT Framework Analysis of SunTrust Banks completes this in-depth company analysis.

  • A. Executive Summary
  • B. Looking at the Industry
    • B.1 Industry Definition
    • B.2 Brief Profile of the Industry
    • B.3 Impacts on the Industry
    • B.4 Challenges Facing the Industry
    • B.5 Future Perspective
  • C. Industry PEST Framework Analysis
    • C.1 Political Aspects
    • C.2 Economic Aspects
    • C.3 Social Aspects
    • C.4 Technological Aspects
  • D. Looking at the Company
    • D.1 Company Profile
    • D.2 History of the Company
    • D.3 Ownership Pattern in the Company
    • D.4 Corporate Hierarchy
    • D.5 Organizational Divisions
    • D.6 Profiling the Key Executives
    • D.7 Products & Services
    • D.8 Recently in the News
  • E. Looking at Business
    • E.1 Business Segments
    • E.2 Geographical Segments
    • E.3 Company Subsidiaries
  • F. SWOT Framework Analysis
    • F.1 Strengths to Build Upon
    • F.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
    • F.3 Opportunities to Exploit
    • F.4 Threats to Overcome
  • G. Profiling the Competition
    • G.1 Bank of America Corporation
    • G.2 Wachovia Corp.
  • H. Financial Analysis of the Company
    • H.1 Current Financials
    • H.2 Balance Sheet
    • H.3 Profit & Loss Statement
    • H.4 Ratio Analysis
  • I. Future Perspective
  • J. Appendix
  • K. Glossary of Terms
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