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Sunny Queen Farms Case Study
reating differentiation in a highly commoditized category

  • Publication Date:March 2010
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:13

Sunny Queen Farms Case Study reating differentiation in a highly commoditized category


This case study on Sunny Queen Farms forms part of Datamonitor's case studies series, which explores business practices across a variety of disciplines and business sectors. It focuses on how the Australian egg company achieved unprecedented success with the launch of a Natural Grain Cage Free egg, examining how it gained unique point of difference in a highly commoditized category.

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  • Summary
  • Analysis
    • The Australian egg industry has benefited from consumers' growing health and value consciousness
    • Australian consumers are making concerted efforts to improve their diets
    • Growing value consciousness and time scarcity have made eggs an even more attractive meal component
    • The ethical consumerism trend has driven the market for more humane egg production methods
    • The market for free-range and barn-laid eggs has shown significant growth over the past decade
    • Higher prices for free-range eggs are a major deterrent to consumption
    • Australians are concerned about animal welfare but do not have a comprehensive understanding about different production methods
    • Research-led insights dictated both the innovation and communication strategies of Sunny Queen Farms
    • The first-to-market product launch overcame the major obstacle of high price premiums
    • A creative and informative marketing campaign ensured consumer engagement
    • Compare and contrast: The Happy Egg Co in the UK touts all-important sensory benefits
  • Conclusion and Implications
  • Appendix
    • Case study series
    • Methodology
    • Secondary sources
    • Further reading
    • Ask the analyst
    • Datamonitor consulting
    • Disclaimer
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1: Australian Egg Industry Overview, 2009
  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: Australians exceed the global average in their efforts to eat healthily
    • Figure 2: Australians are gradually incorporating more eggs into their weekly diet
    • Figure 3: Ongoing marketing efforts by industry players has swung consumer sentiment back in favor of eggs
    • Figure 4: Barn-laid eggs represent a middle ground between widely criticized caged conditions and theoretically idyllic free-range farming
    • Figure 5: Sunny Queen Farms' Natural Grain Cage Free eggs touted value for money in addition to more humane farming methods
    • Figure 6: The product launch campaign utilized cute imagery and humor to foster engagement among consumers
    • Figure 7: Sunny Queen Farms successfully leveraged social media to generate publicity and establish an emotional connection with consumers
    • Figure 8: Strategic imagery manages to convey the 'happy chicken, tasty eggs' message
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