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Winbond Electronics Corp.
2008 Contract Manufacturing Report

  • Publication Date:April 2008
  • Publisher:THT Research
  • Product Type: Report
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Winbond Electronics Corp. 2008 Contract Manufacturing Report

Winbond Electronics Corp. (Taiwan, Republic of China) is a major provider of 16-Polyphonic Sound Generator Chips, Audio Chip/IC, CD/DVD Chip/IC, and other products. THT`s ODM contract manufacturing reports include essential information for OEMs, importers, buyers and distributors. Our company profile reports have three primary focuses:general company information, company contract manufacturing activities, and company financial performance. General company information includes company contact information, a list of product lines, and company brands. In addition, each company profile includes analyst notes on the general state of company performance and future plans. In terms of contract manufacturing activities, THT`s reports detail company customer relationships, recent contract manufacturing deals, and sub-contracts, and have special sections devoted to contract manufacturing activities in China. Further, our reports provide information on company manufacturing facilities. Financial performance data generally includes data on sales and revenues, product mix, company shareholders, investments and acquisitions, and conclude with analyst notes on the company`s financial state and investment plans. Because THT`s company profiles are drawn from a database that is continually growing, the exact data set included in each profile varies. For precise information on the data fields included in the most current version of this profile, please see the Table of Contents.

  • This Table of Contents Lists The Data Fields Included in This Report. The Number next to Each Data Field Topic Indicates The Number of Database Entries on The Topic Included in This Report. Contact Info, Contract Mfg. Deals 114, China Activity 8 , General Notes 16 , Financial Notes 6 , Financial Review 22 , Companies Own Brand Name 1 , Products 101 , Gross Profit Margin 3 , Shipments 23 , Shareholders 24 , Investments or Acquisitions
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