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SAP's Ecosystem
Bringing Competitive Advantage Through Collaboration

  • Publication Date:January 2009
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:12

SAP's Ecosystem Bringing Competitive Advantage Through Collaboration

"SAP has much the same elements in its conventional ecosystem as its competitors, and while it's important that these function well, the way that SAP strongly differentiates its ecosystem strategy from those of other software vendors lies in the 'orthogonal structures' such as the Industry Value Networks," said David Bradshaw, research manager, Applications and Solutions, IDC.

  • IDC Opinion
  • In This Study
  • Situation Overview
    • Ecosystems and Their Importance to SAP
      • Mounting Competitive Pressure
      • Economic Pressure
    • SAP's Ecosystem as a Competitive Weapon
    • Figure: SAP's Conceptualization of its Ecosystem
      • The Conventional Components of the SAP Ecosystem
      • Table: SAP Partner Types in the Conventional Ecosystem
      • Table: Partner Categories Specific to Business Objects
        • The Software Developer Network (SDN)
      • The Orthogonal Components of the SAP Ecosystem
      • Industry Value Networks (IVNs)
      • Table: Examples of Partners and Customers in SAP's Industry Value Networks
      • Enterprise Services Community (ESC)
      • The Business Process Expert (BPX) Community
      • Other Parts of the Ecosystem
        • The Banking Information Architecture Network (BIAN)
        • The EcoHub
        • Standards Bodies
        • The User Groups
        • SME Partner Programs
      • Alliances or Partnerships?
    • Could Other Vendors Emulate SAP?
  • Future Outlook
  • Essential Guidance
  • Learn More
    • Related Research
    • Synopsis
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