Global ePaper Display Market 2009 2013

ePaper or Electronic Paper Display is a portable, reusable electronic display medium, which has paper like properties like wide viewing angle, high flexibility and no back light. These displays reflect the incident light, thus consuming less or no power to retain an image, but suffer from low refresh rate. is being termed as the future of the display technology as it can be read indirect sunlight, and is lightweight, durable, relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and flexibl. Such properties have helped the ePaper market to grow when the world market was hit by the economic slowdown. Further, with new developments such as increasing flexibility and ability to display all colors,ePapers areset to post higher growth in the future. ePaper Displays are majorly used for eBook readers, however, a host of other applications are also being developed. Thus, ePapers are being increasingly found in wristwatches, mobile phones, newspapers, digital school books and photo frames, information boards, smart cards, etc. Moreover, the ePaper applications can be developed by various technologies, with each having their own pros and cons.

Some other ePaper technologies that are being developed are Electrowetting, Electrofluidic, Electrochromic, Interferometric Modulator, Photonic Crytal, REED, etc. Also, Fujitsu is trying to bring in colored ePapers, but these are costly and have technological challenges of their own. Thus, presently , most of the ePapers available have monochromatic display capabilities.

Rapid evolution of ePaper Display technologies have given rise to various new market opportunities for the display manufacturing companies. Further, traditional display vendors like LG are showing increasing interest in ePaper Display market. On the other hand, companies already existing in this market are manufacturing new applications, which are likely to open new markets for ePaper Displays.

With new developments in the manufacturing process and increasing competition in this display market, the prices of ePaper has decreased considerably. Further, the availabilityof devices incorporating ePaper have increased. Further, new applications have been developed and ePaper Displays have become an integral part of devices like eReaders, which have made ePaper displays a commoditized product. Moreover, lcompanies like LG and Philips are developing their own ePaper displays and products for the market.Similarly, other device manufacturing companies are integrating these displays in products like smart cards, smart-shelves, smart packaging, information displays. , ePaper Displays are also being used for rollable ePaper applications such as Pocket eBook reader, which has a foldable ePaper 5"" display screen. Thus, increased price sensitivity of customers coupled with rise in commercial applications have pushed the ePaper Display market towards .

This report by TechNavio Insights highlights scope of the Global ePaper Display market. Further it discusses trends, drivers, growth inhibitors and a few major vendors in the market.

  • 1.Introduction
  • 2. Market Size and Forecast
  • 3. Geographic Segmentation
    • 3.1 Market Size in Americas
    • 3.2 Market Size in APAC
    • 3.3 Market Size in EMEA
  • 4. Market Trends in Global ePaper Displays
  • 5. Market Drivers in ePaper Display Market
  • 6. Market Challenges in ePaper Display Market
  • 7. Vendors
  • 8. Related Reports in this Series
  • List of Exhibits
    • Exhibit 2.1: Global ePaper Display Market Size and Forecast 2009-2013 (In $million)
    • Exhibit 3.1: Global ePaper Display Market Segmentation by Geography - 2009
    • Exhibit 3.2: ePaper Display Market Size in Americas - 2009-2013 (in $million)
    • Exhibit 3.3: ePaper Display Market Size in APAC - 2009-2013 (in $million)
    • Exhibit 3.4: ePaper Display Market Size in EMEA - 2009-2013 (in $million)
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