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Interim Report of China Electronic Component Industry

  • Publication Date:July 2007
  • Publisher:Research in China
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:24

Interim Report of China Electronic Component Industry 2007

In Jan-Apr 2007, China electronic component industry was driven by the demand for newly-rising consumer electronic products like mobile phones, laptop computers and LCD TVs, but as newly-begun and planned investment projects decreased sharply, its prime operating revenue merely grew by 21% on the average, down by 8 points over the same period of 2006 (29.5%).

Due to a large amount of investment projects concentrating in H2 2006, in Jan-Apr 2007, there were only 194 newly-started projects in the electronic component industry, down by 51 year on year, and the planned investment of newly-started projects declined by 15.4%; the amount of newly-started projects of the electronic device industry was 83, up by 7 over last year, yet the planned investment for newly-commenced projects decreased by 68.8%.

  • 1. Expectable mild growth of the global semiconductor market
    • 1.1 Industry performance in Q1 is lower than expectation
    • 1.2 Expected rebound in Q2 after hitting the rock bottom
    • 1.3 Expectable mild growth in H2
  • 2. Prosperity degree of domestic electronic component industry to continuously ascend
    • 2.1 The Growth of electronic information industry to slow down in 2007
    • 2.2 Achievements of listed companies in Q1 entering into the off-peak period
    • 2.3 Industry prosperity degree expected to be improved in H2
  • 3. Industry upgrade and capacity expansion to boost the continuous industry growth
    • 3.1 Terminal consumption market demand to guide the product upgrade and technology innovation
    • 3.2 Market orientation and cost driver to continuously promote international shifting of IT industry
    • 3.3 Product upgrade and capacity promotion, the inevitable trend of China's component and device industry
  • 4. Risk of the industry
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