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Turkey Information Technology Report Q3

  • Publication Date:June 2012
  • Publisher:Business Monitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:55
  • ISBN:1752-4334

Turkey Information Technology Report Q3 2012

BMI expects more modest IT market growth in 2012, owing to PC parts shortages and faltering economic activity and confidence levels after Turkish spending on IT products and services slowed in Q411.

However, the IT market will grow alongside other sectors as the government implements its programme of privatisation and reform. The Fatih programme to increase technology use in schools will boost PC sales in 2012. Computer penetration should pass 50% by 2016, while small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) also represent a large potential market.

Headline Expenditure Projections

  • Computer hardware sales: US$5.0bn in 2011 to US$5.3bn in 2012,+7% in US dollar terms. Forecast in US dollar terms downwardly revised due to a stronger than expected effect from HDD shortages.
  • Software sales: US$835mn in 2011 to US$867mn in 2012, +4% in US dollar terms. Forecast in US dollar terms downwardly revised due to analyst modifcation, but will depend on the success in bringing down illegal software use, which at 65% is nearly twice the global average.
  • IT Services sales: US$1.16bn in 2011 to US$1.21bn in 2012, +4% in US dollar terms. Forecast in US dollar terms downwardly revised due to analyst modification, but a 15% CAGR is projected for the five-year forecast period.

Risk/Reward Ratings: Turkey's score was 49.5 out of 100.0, with low Risks ratings dragging down high Rewards. BMI expects business and consumer IT spending to hold up relatively well, although continued price erosion in the PC market will place pressure on margins. Turkey remained in 11th place in our latest RRR table and the country is in a favourable position to continue to be a regional IT market outperformer.

Key Trends & Developments

  • The Fatih technology for schools programme will provide a significant boost to PC sales over the next few years, with a goal to provide tablets to 15mn students with tablet PCs, as well as other devices such as digital cameras. The project is expected to cost up to US$7.5mn and should reach 570,000 classrooms over the next five years. The focus of the project is networked computers, printers and cameras for every classroom, as well as educational content.
  • PC sales have received new momentum as the focus of demand shifts towards the Anatolia region and this is expected to continue as the rate of PC penetration rises. The government has set itself a target of increasing computer ownership to 51% and internet usage to 48%. While these targets may be ambitious, the computer penetration rate should increase to around 73% by 2016. The household sector, as well as corporate spending, will drive IT market growth.
  • The government will continue to advance its ambitious plan to build an information society. In January 2012, Science, the Industry and Technology Minister, Nihat Ergun, signed an agreement that offered major government incentives to domestic comapnies in the sector. As a result of the agreement, the IT sector will become one of the two industries that will receive the most government subsidies over the next ten years, along with the automotive industry.
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  • Turkey Political SWOT
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  • Europe IT Risk/Reward Ratings
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  • IT Markets Overview
  • IT Penetration
  • Sectors And Verticals
  • Industry Forecast
  • Drivers
  • Sectors
  • Market Drivers
    • Table: Turkey IT Sector - Historical Data & Forecasts (US$mn Unless Otherwise Stated)
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  • Macroeconomic Forecast
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  • Company Profiles
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  • Country Snapshot: Turkey Demographic Data
  • Section 1: Population
    • Table: Demographic Indicators, 2005-2030
    • Table: Rural/Urban Breakdown, 2005-2030
  • Section 2: Education And Healthcare
    • Table: Education, 2002-2005
    • Table: Vital Statistics, 2005-2030
  • Section 3: Labour Market And Spending Power
    • Table: Employment Indicators, 2001-2006
    • Table: Consumer Expenditure, 2000-2012 (US$)
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