Global Computer Gaming & Electronic Entertainment Market Data & Industry Analysis

Keep up with industry trends and gain a competitive advantage in the Computer Entertainment and the Gaming Market.analysis, Interactive Kiosks and Best Practices for Digital pastimes.

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Computer Games (Spain) - Industry Report (PMW07736)
Plimsoll's COMPUTER GAMES (Spain) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the COMPUTER GAMES (Spain) sector in 2013. The report (compiled in Spanish language) is split into two sections...
May 2013£520€617$838
Computer Game Publishers (Nordic) - Industry Report (PMW07754)
Plimsoll's Computer Game Publishers (Nordic) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the Computer Game Publishers (Nordic) sector in 2013. The report (compiled in English language) is split into...
May 2013£700€831$1,128
Augmented Reality in Gaming and Entertainment (MIC00330)
Overview: Augmented Reality (AR) represents a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, that enrich the user's perception of the...
Mar 2013£620€736$995
Computer & Gaming Product Retailers in the UK (IBI03335)
IBISWorld Industry ReportComputer & Gaming Product Retailers in the UKCompanies in this industry retail a broad range of computer and gaming products including desktops, laptops and tablet computers. Industry retailers also sell...
Dec 2012£485€575$780
Research on Global Top 50 Game Companies (RIC00931)
2012Based on the game business revenue disclosed by related listed companies in global game industry, ResearchInChina compiled the game business earnings in USD of relevant game companies in fiscal quarter...
Oct 2012£1,055€1,252$1,700
U.S. Cross-Platform Opportunities (IDC13095)
A Profile of Hardcore Portable Gamer Interests and Buying HabitsThis IDC study compares hardcore crossover portable gamers and enthusiast/casual crossover portable gamers based on the results of an early 2012 survey fielded in the United States. Hardcore crossover portable...
Sep 2012£2,795€3,316$4,500
China Social Game Market Insight, 2012 (IDC13108)
This IDC Insight summarizes the development and future trends in China's social game market based on our interviews and surveys with a series of major social game developers and operators,...
Sep 2012£1,860€2,207$3,000
Worldwide Gamer and Aftermarket Gaming Peripheral 2012 - 2016 Forecast by Platform and Type (IDC12945)
This IDC study segments console, PC, and mobile/portable video game players into Hardcore, Enthusiast, and Casual constituencies on the basis of average hours spent per week gaming. These customer bases...
Jul 2012£2,795€3,316$4,500
U.S. Online PC Gaming 2011 - 2015 Forecast (IDC09900)
This IDC study forecasts the U.S. online PC gaming market through 2015. A comparison of current online PC gaming business models, buttressed by survey data, is used to inform how...
May 2011£2,795€3,316$4,500
Casinos & Gaming: Global Industry Guide (DAT21730)
Datamonitor's Casinos & Gaming: Global Industry Guide is an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the Casinos & Gaming industry. It includes detailed data on market size and...
May 2011£930€1,103$1,495
Computer and Video Games Industry: UK Business Ratio Report (KEY00321)
2011This Business Ratio Report includes analysis of these companies: GAMES DEVELOPERS, PUBLISHERS AND DISTRIBUTORS 505 Games Ltd Activision Blizzard UK Ltd Blast Entertainment Ltd Blitz Games Studios Ltd Centresoft Ltd Codemasters Sftwre Co. Ltd (The) The Creative...
Apr 2011£488€579$786
U.S. PC, Console, and Handheld Gamer Distinctions (IDC10930)
3Q10 - 2Q11This IDC study analyzes results of IDC's 3Q10 U.S. Gaming Survey. IT divides gamers into three broad segments: PC gamers, console gamers, and handheld gamers. While some detail regarding each...
Mar 2011£2,795€3,316$4,500
The Future of Social Gaming (RBI07566)
Representing a third of total social networking direct revenues, there is a substantial growth opportunity in the still fragmented social gaming market. Various players including major entertainment companies are becoming...
Jan 2011£1,785€2,118$2,875
U.S. Console and PC Gamer Distinctions by Age and Gender (IDC10465)
This IDC study summarizes video game console and PC gamer distinctions based on a survey, fielded toward the end of 2009, of approximately 2,000 U.S. gamers. "American PC and console gamers...
May 2010£2,795€3,316$4,500
Interactive Kiosks: Best Practices (SMA00009)
2008 EditionNew edition published in November 2008. This 99-page report on interactive kiosk best practices can be summed up very simply: If you think all you have to do to create...
Nov 2008£430€510$695
Networked Video in Europe (IDC05039)
This document is about Networked Video in Europe
Sep 2007£1,190€1,412$1,920
Kiosk Industry Sector Report (SMA00007)
RetailThis all-new report examines the current and future status of retail kiosks; the fast-growing sector of the kiosk marketplace. Seventeen charts are included, based on the results of an extensive...
Feb 2007£740€878$1,195
India's Booming Media & Entertainment Industry : IT Market Trends and Opportunities, 2006 - 2010 (SBR00003)
Media & Entertainment being one of the under-researched industries- our goal here is to help shine a bit more light on what is going on in each county in this...
Feb 2006£1,550€1,839$2,500
Kiosk Industry Sector Report - Digital Photography (SMA00003)
The 144-page Kiosk Industry Sector Report - Digital Photography examines the current status and opportunities for growth for these units that are being deployed at an impressive pace and now...
Feb 2006£555€658$895