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Worldwide Storage 2012 Top 10 Predictions
Storage Spending Influenced by Cloud, Big Data, and Mobility Trends

  • Publication Date:January 2012
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:14

Worldwide Storage 2012 Top 10 Predictions Storage Spending Influenced by Cloud, Big Data, and Mobility Trends

This IDC study is a compilation of predictions for 2012 made by the storage and storage services analysts.

"As the storage industry continues to evolve, disruptive forces will have an increased impact on storage spending and represent increased opportunities. In 2012, virtualization, mobility, cloud infrastructure and services, Big Data, converged infrastructure, and appliances will disrupt traditional storage markets, spending, end-user demands, and purchasing patterns," said Laura DuBois, program VP, Storage.

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    • Recap of 2011
    • Secondary Storage and Efficiency
    • Storage Architectures
    • Go-to-Market Strategies
    • Future Outlook
  • Predictions for 2012
    • Prediction #1: Economic Conditions in 2012 Will Drive a Slowdown in Storage Spending
    • Prediction #2: The Floods in Thailand Will Have a Widespread Impact on Storage Spending and Cloud Buildouts in 2012, Providing Advantage to Larger Cloud Suppliers
    • Prediction #3: Spending on Specific Cloud Storage Services Will Accelerate, Some Markets Will Consolidate, and Service Offerings Will Be Enhanced
    • Prediction #4: Economic Conditions and Moderation in Storage Spending Will Drive down Market Valuations, Creating Opportunity for Financially Attractive Acquisitions
    • Prediction #5: Suppliers Will Release New Innovative Features and Solutions in the Areas of Data Management and Long-Term Storage
    • Prediction #6: The Increased Use of Mobile Devices in Concert with a Mobile and Distributed Workforce Will Drive a Change in How Storage Is Managed and Where Data Is Located
    • Prediction #7: Converged Infrastructure Will Continue to Drive Changes to Storage Packaging and Management Models as well as Spur More Efforts by Storage Software Companies to Deliver Complete Appliance Solutions
    • Prediction #8: Storage Architectures Will Continue to Shift in Response to Cloud Storage, the Limitations of RAID in Very High-Capacity Disk Systems, and a Desire to Unify Storage Access Mechanisms Where Possible
    • Prediction #9: Use of Social Media in the Business Context Will Drive Increased Need for Social Media Archiving and Information Management Features in Storage Offerings
    • Prediction #10: The Appeal and Business Value of Analytics Will Continue to Drive Interest and Proof-of-Concept Deployment of Storage Solutions Optimized for Big Data Environments
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