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Japan Small and Medium Business 2012 Top 10 Predictions

  • Publication Date:January 2012
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
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Japan Small and Medium Business 2012 Top 10 Predictions

This IDC study, which is a translation of the Japanese report IDC #J12100181, presents top 10 predictions for the Japan small and medium-sized business (SMB) IT market in 2012 with regard to market trends, product/solution trends, vendor/channel trends, and user company trends.

"The Japan SMB IT spending will recover with positive growth in 2012, but many companies will continue to suppress IT spending due to unstable economic prospects. IT vendors are required to provide solutions and set up channel structures that are more focused on assisting user company business management in order to spur IT spending by SMBs," says Hitoshi Ichimura, market analyst, IT Spending, IDC Japan.

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    • Prediction #1: The Japan SMB IT Market Will Recover in 2012 with a Positive Growth Rate, but Many Companies Will Continue to Be Tight with Their IT Spending
    • Prediction #2: IT Spending Will Increase in the Service Industry Such as Social Welfare Corporations
    • Prediction #3: IT Spending Will Increase in the Kanto Region Mainly in the IT Service Industry
    • Prediction #4: Overseas Business Migration by SMBs Mainly to Asia Will Accelerate and the Impact on the Japan SMB IT Market Will Become More Serious
    • Prediction #5: Shortage/Development of Human Resources Will Be a Serious Problem and IT Spending to "Support Business Operations" Will Increase
    • Prediction #6: HR Compliance Measures Such as "Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery" and "Staff Healthcare" Will Be Given Top Priorities
    • Prediction #7: Implementation of Public Clouds Will Increase among SMBs Due to Requests from Large Customers
    • Prediction #8: Business Use of Smartphones/Media Tablets among SMBs Will Increase and Systems Will Have to Be More Mobile Compliant
    • Prediction #9: Service Delivery beyond the Range of IT Will Hold the Key for SMB Strategies among Japan Leading/Foreign Vendors
    • Prediction #10: Printer/Copier Vendors and Carriers Will Gradually Expand Midsize Companies Services as Well as Enhance Their Services for Small Companies
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