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Worldwide IT Spending Taxonomy, 2008
The Black Book Handbook

  • Publication Date:June 2008
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:16

Worldwide IT Spending Taxonomy, 2008 The Black Book Handbook

This IDC study outlines the IT market taxonomy for IDC's Worldwide Black Book, 2008. It includes detailed methodologies for each of the major market segments included in the Black Book along with detailed category definitions. It provides a summary of the Black Book methodology, in which capacity it is intended for use as a handbook for the Black Book."The Worldwide Black Book taxonomy is reviewed annually by a committee of worldwide and regional analysts to determine updates based on current research segmentation and methodology across all international regions. As such, the taxonomy evolves in line with IDC research practices and with the evolution of the industry as new technology sectors are added to the taxonomy over time." Stephen Minton, vice president of IDC's Worldwide IT Markets and Strategies

  • IDC Opinion
  • In This Study
  • Situation Overview
    • Hardware Taxonomy
      • Computer Systems
        • Servers
          • High-End Enterprise Server
          • Midrange Enterprise Server
          • Volume Server
        • Personal Computers
          • Average Sales Value
          • Unit Shipments
          • End-User Spending/Value of Shipments
        • Traditional Workstations
      • Peripherals
        • Printers and MFPs
          • Printers
          • Multifunction Peripherals
        • Smart Handheld Devices
          • Handheld Devices
          • Converged Devices
        • Other Add-Ons
      • Storage
        • Disk Systems
        • Tape Automation
          • Low-End Tape Automation Market
          • Midrange Tape Automation
          • Enterprise Tape Automation
      • Network Equipment
    • Packaged Software Taxonomy
      • System Infrastructure Software
        • System and Network Management
        • Security
        • Storage Software
        • System Software
      • Application Development and Deployment Tools
        • Information and Data Management
        • Application Development
      • Integration and Process Automation Middleware
        • Other Development Tools
        • Data Access, Analysis, and Delivery
      • Applications
    • IT Services Taxonomy
      • Planning
      • Implementation
      • Operations Management
      • Support
      • Training
    • Telecom Services
      • Fixed Revenue
      • Wireless Revenue
      • Voice Revenue
      • Data Revenue
  • Future Outlook
    • Exchange Rates
    • Publication Schedule
  • Essential Guidance
  • Learn More
    • Related Research
    • Synopsis
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