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Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Manufacturing 2009 Top 10 Predictions

  • Publication Date:January 2009
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:20

Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Manufacturing 2009 Top 10 Predictions

This Manufacturing Insights report presents Manufacturing Insights predictions for 2009. Considering the state of the global economy, what will be the impact for manufacturing companies in the region? This report gives our predictions for 2009 based on discussions with vendors, manufacturers, and other service providers (SPs). It considers the impact on overall IT spending, and where companies will still invest.

"2009 begins with great uncertainty over the health of the global economy, with growth in the Asia/Pacific region slowing; and demand for consumer goods dwindling in the United States and western Europe," says Dr. Chris Holmes, VP Asia/Pacific Manufacturing Research. "Amid this growing uncertainty, investments in IT and process improvement will come under increasing scrutiny, however, there will still be areas where investment will be essential in order to survive and to be ready for the upswing."

  • Predictions
  • In This Report
  • Situation Overview
  • Table: Year-Over-Year Changes
  • Future Outlook
    • Prediction #1: Companies in the Region Will Renew their Focus on Quality
      • A Year of Recalls
      • Quality as a Differentiator?
      • Review the Entire Manufacturing Process
        • Quality Starts During Design
        • Producing the Product
        • Supplier Relationship Management
        • Operations Control
        • Reduction of Fakes
        • Feedback Loops
    • Prediction #2: New Plants in the Region Will be Adopting a Digital Manufacturing Strategy
      • Increasing Demand
      • Increasing Capacity
      • Digital Manufacturing
    • Prediction #3: The Strategy of Implementation and Management of Product Life-Cycle Management Will be the Next Big Area of Competitive Differentiation in the APEJ Region
      • Differentiation by Design
      • Gaining Control of the Black Box
      • Optimization of the Product Life-Cycle Process
        • The Optimization of Product Creation
        • Driving for Innovation
    • Prediction #4: Manufacturing Companies Will Rethink their Supply Chain Strategy and Adopt a "Profitable Proximity" Approach.
      • It's a Buyer's Market
      • Getting Closer to the Customer
      • Managing the Change
    • Prediction #5: Manufacturers within the Region Will Increase their Focus on Customer Centricity: One Size Does Not Fit All
      • Rise of the "Informed" Customer
      • A Threat or an Opportunity?
      • Intelligent Decision Support Systems Hold the Key
    • Prediction #6: Infrastructure Constraints Will Hold Back the Adoption of High-End Applications within the Region
      • The Rise of Complex Strategic Business Solutions
      • The Last Mile
      • The Short-Term Response
    • Prediction #7: Asia/Pacific Manufacturers Will Rethink their Business Model to Leverage Smart Services
      • Buying the Service Not the Product
      • Increasing Complexity of Business Models
      • Managing the Complexity
    • Prediction #8: The Global Slowdown Will Take its Toll on IT Spending and Lead to the Adoption of Lean IT
      • Recession Fears Gripping Every Other Business
      • Time to Tighten the Belts
      • Cost versus Service - Which One Takes Priority?
    • Prediction #9: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Manufacturers Will Expect More from IT Vendors
      • Lowering the Risk of Doing Business
      • From Solution Provider to Strategic Partner
      • Building Best Practices into IT Implementations
    • Prediction #10: Sustainable Manufacturing Will Move up the Agenda for Asia/Pacific Manufacturing Companies
      • Driven by Compliance
      • The Shift from Compliance to Sustainable Manufacturing
      • Going Green is Good for the Bottom Line
  • Essential Guidance
    • For Manufacturers
    • For Vendors
    • Table: Top 10 Asia/Pacific Manufacturing Predictions
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    • Synopsis
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