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IDC Asia/Pacific Recovery Watch Program: CIOs' Top of Mind in 2010

  • Publication Date:December 2009
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:25

IDC Asia/Pacific Recovery Watch Program: CIOs' Top of Mind in 2010

This IDC Insight presents the results of IDC analysts' meeting in November every year to review the current year and discuss the emerging technologies and market changes that will impact and drive the future of the ICT market. This year, IDC is seeking to look at the 10 areas that we think will impact ICT market not only from the vendor perspective, but also from the perspective of end users (i.e., the way these new key trends will impact the way businesses will or should think of and implement IT). This study focuses on the latter, and it seeks to uncover what businesses should be aware of when making plans for ICT in 2010.

The intended target audiences for this study are CIOs, CTOs, enterprise architects, IT sectors and CEOs, COOs, and CFOs of businesses that are technology biased and users of extensive IT applications. This study does not intend to demonstrate what IT strategy might be appropriate to any unique business or geography but merely to assist the reader in anticipating and preparing in advance for the major shifts and changes that IDC sees in the near future.

It is not the intent of this study to appear unnecessarily "draconian" or severe with regard to "on-premises" technology conventions. It only intends to provide an early warning or precaution about the IT renaissance and subsequent radical shifts to resident architectures and cost structures that will likely take place over the next few years. The ways these changes and insights will uniquely impact your existing and future technology framework and business makeup are too varied to itemize and extrapolate. Hence, we can assist with the "to-know" aspect (which is implicit to each insight) but the "to-plan" and the "to-apply" aspects remain for each unique business to address. We recommend however, that a review and process of "dematerialization" commence as soon as possible (as described further).

  • IDC Opinion
  • In This Insight
  • Situation Overview
  • Future Outlook
    • Adopting an IT Recovery Strategy
      • Be proactive with IT and business economic recovery
      • Have a sense of urgency
    • Cost Reduction and the Dematerialization of IT
    • Cloud Migration 2010
    • Protecting Business from Disruptive Innovation and Subsequent Technology Churn
    • Security, and Identity and Access Management
      • Cybermarkets
      • One-stop, bare-bones cloud security is needed
      • The Essential Balancing of Security Total Cost of Ownership and Risk
      • Security Architecture and Framework Consideration Factors
    • Cloud Multi-Tenancy is About Innovation
      • Structural Transformation of Service Delivery over Time
        • Cloud Multi-Tenancy
    • Virtual Private and Hybrid Cloud
      • Virtual Private Cloud
      • Bridging the On-Premises to Cloud Gap
      • Main Reasons for Private Cloud
      • Service Virtualization on the Cloud
      • Hybrid Cloud Service Management
      • Open Clouds and Linux Alternatives
      • Virtualization and Cloud Standards
    • Business Intelligence as a Service
      • Main Reasons for Cloud Business Intelligence as a Service
    • Social Enterprise Architecture
      • New Emergent Architectures of Community/User Persona on the Horizon
      • Social Enterprise Adoption and End-User Innovation
    • Green IT
      • Green Cloud: Carbon Emission Savings or Market Hype?
      • Green IT Model
  • Essential Guidance
  • Learn More
    • Related Research
  • List of Tables
    • Table: Differences Between the Traditional Business Architecture and a Social Architecture
  • List of Figures
    • Figure: World Economic Outlook: Sustaining the Recovery, October 2009
    • Figure: Evolution of the Cloud and Market Influencers
    • Figure: The Effects of Cloud Dematerialization on Business Continuity
    • Figure: Attributes of Future Business Intelligence-Software-as-a-Service Cloud Offerings
    • Figure: The Migration to Cloud Carbon Arbitrage
    • Figure: Sustainable Green IT Model
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