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September 2009 HPC User Forum Meeting Notes: Government HPC Trends

  • Publication Date:November 2009
  • Publisher:IDC
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September 2009 HPC User Forum Meeting Notes: Government HPC Trends

This IDC update documents the 33rd High-Performance Computing (HPC) User Forum - which took place at the Omni Interlocken Resort Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado, on September 8-10, 2009 - in near-verbatim form.

The principal tasks of the meeting were to:Share information among HPC users, vendors, and IDC for improving the health of the HPC industryContinue showcasing instructive examples of HPC leadership and partnerships in government, industry, and academiaExplore leading-edge trends, developments, and issues in the earth sciences, especially weather and climateDiscuss the status quo and directions in front-end compiler technology and application scalabilityDeliver IDC's latest HPC market update and forecast data

  • In This Update
    • Larry Davis: DoD HPC Modernization Program Update
      • HPCMP Storage Initiative
        • Storage Life-Cycle Management: Three Key Features
        • Software Applications Support
    • Panel on Government and Political Issues, Concerns, and Ideas for New Directions
      • Moderator
      • Panelists
      • Question 1: Is the U.S. Government Investing Enough to Ensure Competitiveness in Science and Technology IP in General, and HPC in Particular?
      • Question 2: The DOE and NSF Have Been Heavily Promoting High-End Capability Computing. Has This Been the Best Use of Government Money?
      • Question 3: For Years, Industry Would Follow the Example of Government in Adopting New HPC Systems and Technologies. Why Has Industry Not Done This Recently?
      • Question 4: Will Programs Like DARPA HPCS Lead the Mainstream HPC Industry Toward Higher Performance and Productivity, or Will the Technologies Developed for These Programs Split Off and Go Their Own Way?
    • Mo Khaleel: Power Grid Research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      • HPC Requirements for the Electrical Grid
      • Problems on the Electrical Grid
      • The Role of Contingency Analysis
    • Thomas Kendall, ARL: HPC User Site Update
      • Storage Is Growing Faster than Compute
    • Galen Shipman, ORNL: Facilitating a Data-Rich Computational Environment
      • Technical Challenges Solved with "Spider"
        • Leveraging the Spider Parallel File System
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