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2009 Top Telecommunications ITO Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results

2009 Top Telecommunications ITO Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results

The 2009 Black Book of Outsourcing client experience survey investigates a subset of over 186 technology and application outsourcing (AO) contracts held by 77 of the top suppliers of the telecommunications industry.

In order to rank the organizations, 18 key performance indicators (KPIs) or criteria are employed specific to infrastructure (IO) and AO buyers within the telecommunications sector, scored on each respective vendor and ranked per KPI.

Key findings:

  • Key finding- most important customer satisfaction KPIs in telecommunications industry AO sector Viability, data security, integrations and interfaces, trust, innovation, customization and reliability are the most important attributes influencing telecommunications industry information technology outsourcing (ITO) client satisfaction with their 2009 outsourcing providers.
  • Key finding- vendor dissatisfaction is uncommon in the telecommunications industry technology and AO sector among top ranked suppliers Strong dissatisfaction is uncommon in this niche ITO sector, occurring in only 6.5% of telecommunications industry users.

US clients are among the most satisfied with outsourcing services delivery, averaging 93.3% across 2009 projects delivered from North American and European based suppliers.

European telcos served by European technology vendors were the most satisfied (96.2%) of all geographic locations matching clients' experience with vendor delivery.

Stronger dissatisfaction was only mildly reported from engagements with offshore outsourcing vendors. Specifically, suppliers from India and the Philippines were cited by 15.5% of all surveyed telecommunications industry clients that were at least mildly dissatisfied with delivery of ITO services from offshore.

  • Key finding- comprehensive services vendor arrangements from full service ITO vendors produce the highest satisfaction rates Clients ranked vendors offering comprehensive ITO (e.g. application services and infrastructure services) highest in the overall survey. Telecommunications industry clients showed significant preference for vendors that are capable of offering more extensive service lines once satisfied with initial applications projects.
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