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Customer Survey
Hosting Infrastructure Services, A

  • Publication Date:November 2008
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:9

Customer Survey Hosting Infrastructure Services, A

This IDC study contains results from a survey conducted to gain some insight into the views of customers regarding hosting as part of outsourcing. The results are discussed in the context of the wider issues around hosting, highlighting the importance of the market as well as understanding what it is and how it can as a delivery model address some of the challenges faced by organizations today.

"Adopting a hosting model may be one way to go in order to address the environmental and socioeconomic concerns of Green IT. This in turn, in itself, would produce some real hard returns and improvements to the bottom line. However, the customer needs to see the value in this. As part of the hosting arena, there are also the newer SaaS and utilitybased models, which are two emergent areas which are two more strands to the hosting bow and certainly present strong services opportunities," says Marina Beale, senior market analyst, Smartools Group, IDC Australia.

  • IDC Opinion
  • In This Study
    • Methodology
  • Situation Overview
  • Figure: Sample Population Split by Employee Size Who Approves Hosting Services Purchases
  • Figure: Sectors That Currently Use or Plan to Use Hosting Services
  • Figure: Reasons for Not Considering Hosting Services by Industry
  • Figure: Main Reasons for Not Considering Hosting Services Across All Industry Sectors
  • Figure: Criteria Used When Choosing a Hosting Services Company
  • Figure: IT Outsourcing Services for Which Companies Would Pay a Fee
  • Future Outlook
  • Essential Guidance
  • Learn More
    • Related Research
    • Synopsis
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