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Worldwide Semiconductor 2012 Top 10 Predictions

  • Publication Date:February 2012
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
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Worldwide Semiconductor 2012 Top 10 Predictions

This IDC study identifies IDC's semiconductor research team's top 10 predictions for the worldwide semiconductor market for 2012. It highlights the major trends and critical developments that will affect the wide spectrum of semiconductor devices, market verticals, device applications, and associated companies and value chain.

"The semiconductor market continues to become a more complex and an intense place to compete. In addition, as companies look to adjacency for growth, more vertical integration is expected. At the same time, new technologies and new applications for existing technologies allow emerging new companies to successfully enter the market and compete in specialized, niche segments of the market, especially in the second half of 2012, when the semiconductor industry revenue will pick up after bottoming in early 2Q12," says Mali Venkatesan, research manager, Semiconductors, Emerging Markets, and Emerging Technologies at IDC.

  • Predictions
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    • Situation Overview
    • Future Outlook
    • 1. Mergers and Acquisitions Will Continue This Year in the Semiconductor Industry
    • 2. The Migration of Traditional Embedded Systems to Intelligent Systems Will Accelerate in 2012
    • 3. Processor Architecture Competition Will Materialize with the Launch of Win8
    • 4. Quad-Core Applications Processors Will Establish Performance Standard
    • 5. Enterprise Switching and Routing Will Drive 40Gbps While Service Provider Equipment Will Drive 100Gbps
    • 6. Emerging Application Processor Players Will Drive Growth for Media Tablets/e-Readers
    • 7. 2012 Will Not Be the Year of the Ultrabook
    • 8. The DRAM Market Will Still Face Consolidation But Not in 2012
    • 9. The Automotive Market Segment Will Bottom Sooner than Most Markets
    • 10. Foundries Will Accelerate 20nm Production to Keep Up with Intel
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  • Synopsis
    • Table: Retrospective on 2011 Top 10 Predictions
    • Figure: Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Growth by Calendar Quarters, 1996-2012
    • Figure: Worldwide Wired Communications Semiconductor Revenue Growth by Application, 2011 and 2012
    • Figure: History and Outlook on DRAM Vendor Consolidation and DRAM Revenue Growth, 1984-2016
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