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Cosumer Applications Moving into Business World

  • Publication Date:February 2011
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:21

Cosumer Applications Moving into Business World

2009 was the year individual applications began to permeate enterprise-level applications and influenced, to some degree, the construction and planning of enterprise-level information systems. This change occurred as a result of China's economic recovery and rapid growth as well as an overall higher level of informatization in both enterprises and society. Individual applications, which boast a large user base, a high use frequency and a wide scope, have been gradually introduced to enterprise applications by employees. Many enterprises, unbeknownst to management, have been slowly transformed by individual applications. With high quality users as a start point, individual application product and service providers have gradually expanded into the field of enterprise-level applications and begun to define enterprise-level application product strategies and architectures.

"With the growing popularity and continual evolution of individual application products and services, the merger of these applications with enterprise-level applications have shown enormous market potential. IDC predicts that the size of this market will reach about US $2.5 billion by 2014," says Sean Li, senior analyst, service and telecom research, IDC China.

  • IDC Opinion
    • In This Study
    • Methodology
    • Background and Purposes
    • Data Acquisition and Analysis Methods:
    • Definitions
    • Individual Applications
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Situation Overview
    • Fusion of Individual Applications and Enterprise Applications
    • IM Enters Enterprise Application Market, Driven by a Huge Customer Base
    • Tencent
    • Company profile
    • Enterprise-level application products
    • Seamless Coverage for Uninterrupted Enterprise Business Process
    • China Mobile
    • Moving into Enterprise-Level Applications through Enterprise Employees
    • Apple Inc.
    • Major Products And Services
    • Enterprise-Level Application Strategy Analysis
    • Lenovo
    • Major Products and Services
    • Lenovo's Lephone Enterprise-Level Application Strategy
    • Future Outlook
    • The Future of Customer Applications Moving into Business World
    • IM
    • Mobile Phone Mailbox
    • Changes in Industrial Chain and Business Model
    • Essential Guidance
    • Opportunity Analysis
    • Telecom Operators
    • Strengths
    • Opportunity
    • Terminal Vendors
    • Strengths
    • Opportunity
    • Learn More
    • Related Research
  • Synopsis
    • Table: Real Time eXchange (RTX)
    • Table: China Mobile Fetion Enterprise Version versus Individual Version
    • Table: About Apple
    • Table: About Lenovo
    • Figure: IDC's Standard Data Analysis Process
    • Figure: Definition of Individual Application Products and Services
    • Figure: Definition of Enterprise Application Products and Services
    • Figure: Use of Individual Applications and Services by Place, 2010
    • Figure: Individual Application Products and Services Used in Enterprises, 2010
    • Figure: IM Market by Products, 2010
    • Figure: IM Market Analysis, 2010: Enterprise Users Verus Individual Users
    • Figure: Enterprise-level IM Product Market Analysis, 2010
    • Figure: Three Major Operators' Market Shares by Mobile Customer, 2010
    • Figure: Mobile Phone Mailbox Market Share, 2010
    • Figure: Figure 11 China Mobile's Integrated Communication Product Positioning
    • Figure: China Smartphone Market Share by System, 2010
    • Figure: Enterprise-Level IM Product Market Forecast, 2010
    • Figure: China Mobile Phone Mailbox Market Analysis and Forecast, 2010-2014
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