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IC Market Tracking Strollers and Prams in Europe Top 8 2009
Period Covered: 2004-2012f

IC Market Tracking Strollers and Prams in Europe Top 8 2009 Period Covered: 2004-2012f

Report Extract

Despite the crisis, the European Market for Strollers & Prams grew in 2008 but only in terms of value. There were less units sold and this trend will continue until 2011 when a slight growth is expected. With a growth rate of -1,2% in quantity but +6,4% in value, the market reached a turnover of over € 777 Mio. whereas only 5,38 Mio. of strollers were sold.

Besides the financial crisis falling birth rates cause a slow-down of the number of units sold. Concerning the value of the market, its growth rates will be also smaller after 2009, but still higher as the quantity ones. The explanation for this has to do with the fact that high-quality prams and thereby high-priced prams are becoming more and more popular among parents.

Market Overview

Safety seats and prams are two product groups that are strongly influenced by the long-term declining birth rate in Europe. Both industries are therefore characterized by a strong cut-throat competition that shows a clear separation of brand and price competence. The increasing Europeanization puts pressure on many important local players.

Recurring trends, strong influence of environmental factors and the persistent shift in distribution and within the most important suppliers make the markets for safety seats and prams hard to predict.

Market Tracking

The IC-Market Tracking® provides the most important data about recent market developments in total and per segment plus all relevant market drivers and forecasts. Moreover, it contains the exact market shares of the major producers in terms of quantity and value.

Interconnection Consulting, an independent market research agency, conducts the IC Market Tracking® for Strollers and Prams annually as an objective market research tool suitable for various purposes, e.g. marketing strategy, sales management, market entry, internationalisation, etc.

The yearly execution of the market study enables users to discover trends and growth potential at a very early stage, to evaluate the competitive situation in the market and to determine and control the impact on strategic decisions.

Please note: The page count details provided is only an approximation.

  • Executive Summary, Definitions And Methodology (ca. 25 pages)
    • Market structure, definitions and demarcations, summary of study results and targets
  • Market Drivers (ca. 45 pages)
    • Presentation of the most influential economic factors for the strollers / prams market.
  • Total Market Analysis And Forecasts (ca. 45 pages)
    • Market development of the last 3 years by quantity and value by different segments such as regions, product groups and distribution channels. Development of the average prices total and by segments. Forecasts for the next 4 years.
  • Competition Analysis (ca. 325 pages)
    • Market development by quantity and value for each region and product group. Market shares of the TOP players for each region for the same segments as for the total market analysis for the last 2 years. Ranking and change of positions;
    • Strategy analysis (market concentration and dynamic portfolios)
  • Company Profiles ( ca. 30 pages)
  • Table Section
    • Raw data of the competitive analysis as MS-Excel file (pivot tables), turnover in quantity and value.
  • Market Structure:
    • Regions:
    • Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland)
    • Portugal
    • UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Benelux
    • Segments per Region / Company
    • Distribution Channels:
    • Boutiques
    • Chain Specialised Dealers
    • Online Stores
    • Mass Market & Others
    • Chassis Types:
    • Buggies
    • 3-Wheelers
    • Comfort
    • Compact
    • Tandem
    • Sales Systems:
    • Stand Alone
    • Trios
    • Prams
    • Travel Systems

The data is presented in Power-Point charts and delivered as an interactive PDF-file. Sales figures (turnover and quantity sold; in total and per segment) for all included companies are presented in Excel Pivot-Tables.

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