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How Britain Shops: Electricals 2009

  • Publication Date:July 2009
  • Publisher:Verdict
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:78

How Britain Shops: Electricals 2009


Verdict Research: How Britain Shops Electricals provides a detailed overview of the shopping habits of consumers. It examines, who shops for Electricals, where they shop, whether they are satisfied with their current store and what stores should do to satisfy customers more.


  • Thorough analysis how customers shop in Electricals sector. Profiles of the following retailers: Amazon, Argos, Asda, Comet, Currys, John Lewis, Tesco
  • How Britain Shops reports include visitor and main user share data, conversion rates, customer loyalty rates and reasons for loyalty / disloyalty.
  • Data is segmented regionally and by demographic and socio-economic group. Historic data is provided so trends can be analysed over a four year period.


The proportion of consumers shopping for electricals has reached its highest ever level, jumping to 53.0%. New technologies such as HD TVs and iPods have captured consumers' imagination, while advances in video gaming such as The Nintendo Wii and DS, have opened up the market to new demographics.

Conversion rates fall but electricals shoppers are more loyal than ever. With the internet offering more visibility on prices and service through customer feedback, consumers are developing a fairer and clearer view retailer's offers. Having done their homework, those who mainly use a particular retailer are generally more loyal than ever.

Price and service have risen in importance. Price is now more significant as a result of the recessionary climate and the increasing ease with which prices of branded electricals items can be compared. Service is also becoming more important, as consumers look for guidance on increasingly complicated technology and products.

Reasons to Purchase

  • How Britain Shops is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind drawing on a nationwide survey of 6,000 shoppers.
  • Use this report to understand what drives the loyalty of your customers and find out where they also shop at.
  • Channel investment for maximum return by knowing which aspects of your retail proposition most need improving in the opinion of your customers.
  • Please Note: Due to The Nature of This Report The Table of Contents is Not Available
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