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Green Consumer Attitudes - Technology

  • Publication Date:December 2010
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Brief
  • Pages:30

Green Consumer Attitudes - Technology

Companies within the technology industry are developing products and services designed to harness the opportunities represented by environmentally conscious consumers. This report provides the sophisticated intelligence relating specifically to the technology industry that is required to target these customers, including breakdowns based on demographics, attitudes, and behaviors.


  • Understand the factors that are driving the growth of green consumerism among global consumers
  • Understand consumer attitudes towards issues such as recycling electronic waste
  • Discover where consumers feel the responsibility lies for dealing with environmental issues related to technology


Consumers' sustainable attitudes are not translating into commercial behavior because of cost premiums and a lack of accountability. Therefore, in general, the influence that technology has in reducing the environmental impact of other industries is not being replicated in the consumer market.

Consumers simply aren't aware of the extent to which technology can help them become more sustainable. For example, through the use of smart meters and home-automation systems consumers can improve their residential energy efficiency.

Vendors need to be more proactive in incentivizing sustainable consumer behavior (in regards to e-waste, for example) as well as developing more competitive price points for alternative green technologies.

Reasons To Purchase

  • What will it take to increase demand for green products among consumers?
  • What is the most important feature for consumers when buying new personal IT equipment?
  • What are the most pressing concerns for consumers regarding the environment?
  • How much influence does the environment have on consumers' technology purchasing decisions?
  • How much responsibility do consumers attach to the technology industry when it comes to environmental issues?
    • Catalyst
    • Key findings
    • Cost premiums and lack of accountability mean consumers' green credentials do not translate into commercial values
    • Consumers make green choices to benefit the environment but are generally not willing to pay a premium for it
    • Consumers require incentives and greater understanding of sustainable business practices to drive demand for green tech products
    • Energy efficiency aside, the technology industry's "greening" of other sectors is not replicated in the consumer marketEnergy efficiency in IT is becoming as important (if not more so) than computing horsepower in mobile consumer electronics
    • Consumers are unaware of how technology can assist them in becoming more sustainable
    • There is a potential market for power-saving/home-automation technology - but pricing is likely to play a key role
    • Technology can play a significant role in helping other industries address some of the demands of green consumers
    • Consumers need incentives beyond altruism if greater demand for green tech products is to develop
    • If more widespread regulation is not forthcoming, consumer IT vendors should be more proactive in incentivizing sustainable behavior
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