Format & Delivery

Instant Online Delivery (PDF)

Many PDF products are delivered immediately. You will be able to access PDF files in your Order History once payment has cleared. Check delivery details for indication “Immediate Delivery”.

Delivery by Email

A PDF version of the report will be sent to your email address. Delivery is usually within 12 hours but often within 90 minutes. If this order is very urgent we suggest that you call to check delivery times.

If you are outside the UK please remember the time difference and UK business hours.

Hard Copy Version

A hard copy (print / CD) of the report will be sent to your shipping address by standard class post or courier. Simply choose which you prefer when ordering.

Delivery cost
£4.50 - UK post, delivery within 3 working days
£9.50 - Europe Airmail Deilvery (2-4 days)
£15.00 - Non-Europe Airmail Delivery (up to 20 days)
£34.00 - Europe Guaranteed Delivery (2-3 days)
£42.00 - Non-Europe Guaranteed Delivery (2-5 days)

Delivery & Invoicing Address

Report Buyer will assume that the delivery address for the goods is the same as the billing address unless it is clearly indicated otherwise on your order or within your account.

Guarantee of Delivery Quality

Although we try, we cannot guarantee that the goods ordered arrive in perfect condition. In the case of damaged goods, it is at the Publisher's discretion whether a replacement product is supplied at no extra cost to the customer.

Product type definitions

Report Buyer has classified each publication / information product:

Strategic report: A substantial document covering a major industry issue or market in significant detail. These publications offer high-value information essential for a forward-thinking business.

Brief: Shorter than a full report usually providing a concise overview of a sector or in-depth information into a niche issue.

Book: Although some books are available in electronic format the majority are available in traditional bound print format.

Directory: A publication comprised mostly of contact names and addresses.

Reference Manual: A publication comprised mostly of detailed individual entries and to be consulted for information - for example a dictionary of chemical types.

CD-ROM: Usually a CD-ROM will contain information in a searchable database. Reference manuals and directories are often available in this format.