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Attitudes and Trends
Sustainability and the Greening of Utilities in North America

  • Publication Date:November 2008
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:27

Attitudes and Trends Sustainability and the Greening of Utilities in North America

This Energy Insights report discusses a phone survey on North American utilities conducted by Energy Insights to determine their attitudes toward green and sustainability initiatives. The key focus of the survey was to understand management and organization to achieve compliance, current investment in green, actions taken to mitigate environmental risk, current offerings to customers to help them go green, senior management perceptions of green, green measures of performance, key business drivers for implementing a green program, and the role of IT in going green, including expected return on green investment.

According to Jill Feblowitz, practice director, Business Technology and Lead Analyst for Energy Wholesale Strategies,

"Utilities are investing heavily in green initiatives with investment ($10 million or more) in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, smart metering initiatives, and energy efficiency programs for customers. Utilities have indicated that they will spend money on IT for green, but they do not expect their IT budgets to increase. Energy Insights expects that money will come from other business units or from cuts in other initiatives."

  • Energy Insights Opinion
  • In This Report
    • Methodology
    • Survey Sample and Respondent Profile
    • Table: Respondents by Industry and Company Size (% of Respondents)
    • Figure: Respondents by Job Title
    • Figure: Respondents by Departments
    • Figure: Respondents by Company Revenue
  • Situation Overview
    • Introduction
      • Climate Change Is the Buzz in Utility Boardrooms
    • The Trend Is Toward More Regulation
      • Emission Regulation
      • Cap and Trade
      • Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
      • Distributed and Renewable Energy
    • Management Challenges
      • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Tops the List for Green
      • Figure: Current Importance of Green Goals to the Company
    • Internal Management Issues
      • The Environment: A Top Priority for Senior Management
      • Responsibility Lies with Environmental Business Unit
      • Figure: Responsibilities for Environmental Compliance Program in the Company
      • Figure: Method of Management of Green Projects in the Company
    • Business Strategies
    • Table: Companies That Currently Have Green Initiatives by Industry (% of Respondents)
    • Figure: Green Initiatives in Which Companies Have Invested over $10 Million
      • Carbon Trading: It's Happening
      • Something for the Customers
      • Figure: Utility Offerings That Help Customers Reduce Energy Consumption
      • Figure: Top Reason That Utilities Are Involved in Green Initiatives
      • Motivation: It's All About Regulation
      • Measuring Performance: Energy Consumption, Reputation, and Compliance
      • Figure: Key Performance Indicators Used to Measure Effectiveness of Green Initiatives
      • Reducing the Carbon Footprint: The Most Important Metric
  • Future Outlook
    • Management Challenges and Internal Management Issues
      • New Regulations and Lack of Standards
      • Figure: Top Challenge or Issue Regarding Green Efforts
    • Business Strategies
    • Figure: Green Initiatives Planned Within the Next Two Years
      • Large Investment with a Long Payback Period
      • Table: Payback Period for Investment in Green Initiatives by Industry (% of Respondents)
    • Technology Management
      • Utilities Expect to Spend on IT to Support Green Initiatives
      • Table: The Role of IT in Future Green Initiatives by Industry (% of Respondents)
      • Figure: Intentions Regarding IT in Green Initiatives
      • IT for Green Will Come From Existing Budgets
    • Allies for Green
      • Customers, Government, Associations, and Consultants Are Partners in Sustainability
      • Figure: Partners for Green Initiatives
      • Technology Providers Are Partners in Green
  • Essential Guidance
    • Actions to Consider
  • Learn More
    • Related Research
    • Synopsis
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