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Medis Power Pack Micro fuel cell Technical and cost analysis

Medis Power Pack Micro fuel cell Technical and cost analysis

The energy gap in portable electronics makes micro fuel cells increasingly attractive. However, the technology adaptation has been delayed due to high costs, lack of standards and low reliability.Over the last year, tremendous improvements of the technology in terms of reliability and miniaturization have been made. To enter the market, many players are developing Fuel Cell chargers for electronic devices such as mobile phones, PDA. Among the current major players in this field (MTI, Angstrom, Toshiba, and others), Medis Technologies is the first company having a consumer product on the market, while other products are not expected to be launched before end of 2008.

This report provides answer to the following questions:

  • How does the Medis fuel cell works and what does it contain?
  • How can Medis Technologies provide a low cost disposable Fuel cell charger?
  • How does this technology compare to the competing product under development?
  • Is the technology safe and reliable?
  • How could this technology be improved in the future?

The report provides a complete description of the technology, working principle and pictures of the main parts. It gives chemical analyses of the different fluids used, as well as material analyses of the electrodes.The second part of the report provides a detailed cost analysis of the product, in terms of Electronics (PCB and connectors), liquids and gel, electrodes, plastic parts and assembly.To conclude, we provide an overview of the advantages and limitations of the product, some ways for improvement of the performance, as well as the technology roadmap of Medis Technologies.

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Micro fuel cells available or
  • under development
  • Operating principles
    • Alkaline fuel cell operating principle
    • Chemical reactions
  • Technical Analysis
    • Disassembly of the Medis technologies fuel cell
    • Analysis of the liquids in the tanks
    • Analysis of anode, cathode, and diffusion barrier
  • Economic analysis
    • Electronics (PCB and connectors)
    • Liquids and gel
    • Electrodes
    • Plastic parts
    • Assembly
  • Conclusion
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