Biofuel Industry in the United States

Biofuel Industry in the United States

Biofuels are liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels derived from renewable biological sources. Biomass can be burned directly for thermal energy or converted to other high-value energy sources including ethanol, biodiesel, methanol, hydrogen, or methane. Currently, ethanol from corn grain and biodiesel are the only biofuels produced in the United States on an industrial scale.

Most of the four billion gallons of ethanol produced in 2005 came from 13% of the U.S. corn crop (1.43 billion bushels of corn grain). This represents a 17% increase from the 3.4 billion gallons produced in 2004. Ethanol is widely used as a fuel additive. The oxygen contained in ethanol improves gasoline combustibility. E10 (10% ethanol and 90% gasoline blend) is available from gas stations all over the United States E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline blend) is available mainly in corn-producing states. E85 can be used as a substitute for gasoline in vehicles that have been modified to use this biofuel.

Aruvian Research brings an in-depth coverage for this industry in the United States in its latest research report - Biofuel Industry in the United States. This 100 page report looks at the basics of biofuels, the critical factors influencing demand and supply scenarios in the US, the regulatory policy initiatives in the US including a historical perspective on subsidies for ethanol and biodiesel, and the current and proposed production capacity of biofuels in the United States.

The report helps assess the feasibility of production of biofuels and the potential of biofuels in the US. Strategies undertaken by the US industry to make biofuels viable enough to deploy them to the pump are discussed in great details in the report. Twelve leading industry players are also explored in-depth in the report

Read on to the table of contents for the wide range of contents focused on in Aruvian's comprehensive coverage of the Biofuel Industry in the United States.

  • A. Executive Summary
  • B. Basic Information on Biofuels
    • B.1 What are Biofuels?
    • B.2 Historical Perspective of Biofuels
    • B.3 Major Types of Biofuels Available
    • B.4 The Myriad Uses of Biofuels
    • B.5 What are Direct Biofuels - A Brief Profile
    • B.6 The Peaking of Oil Supplies & Role of Biofuels
  • C. US Biofuels Industry
    • C.1 Industry Production & Capacity Utilization
    • C.2 Industry Structure & Concentration
    • C.3 Ethanol: Market Overview
    • C.4 Tax Incentives for Ethanol
    • C.5 Corn - The Largest Feedstock in US Ethanol Production
    • C.6 Regulatory Policies Promoting Ethanol Production & Use
    • C.6.1 Renewable Fuel Standard
    • C.6.2 State Waivers
    • C.6.3 Ethanol Provisions
    • C.6.4 MTBE
    • C.6.5 Renewable Energy
    • C.6.6 Biomass Funding
    • C.7 Outlook for Ethanol
  • D. Ethanol Production by State
    • D.1 Markets for Ethanol By-Products
    • D.2 Case in Point - Expanding Biofuels Production in Indiana
  • E. Biodiesel: Market Overview
    • E.1 Profile
    • E.2 Biodiesel Initiatives by State
    • E.2.1 Case in Point - Indiana
    • E.3 Outlook for Biodiesel
  • F. Opportunities & Issues in the US Biofuel Industry
    • F.1 High Fuel Prices
    • F.2 Government Support
    • F.3 Upward Pressure on Corn Prices
    • F.4 High Competition
  • G. Looking at Subsidies for Ethanol & Biodiesel
    • G.1 Development of Federal Regulations
    • G.2 Historical Perspective
    • G.3 Present-Day Subsidies
    • G.3.1 Support Based on Market Output
    • G.3.2 Subsidies Based on Production Factors
    • G.3.3 Regulations Impacting Price of Intermediate Inputs
    • G.3.4 Subsidies Based on Consumption
    • G.4 Conclusion
  • H. Making Biofuels Viable in the US - The Journey to the Pump
    • H.1 How to Make Biofuels Affordable & Sustainable
    • H.1.1 Increased Investment in R&D
    • H.1.1.1 Impact of Increased Investment
    • H.1.2 Increased Investment in Deployment
    • H.1.2.1 Promoting Deployment Incentives
    • H.1.2.2 Impact of Increased Investment
    • H.1.3 Policies Catering to Building Market Infrastructure
    • H.1.3.1 Concentrating on Renewables Fuel Standard
    • H.1.3.2 Renewable Fuels & Air Pollution
    • H.1.3.3 Production of Sustainable Biofuels
    • H.1.3.4 Protecting Water Quality
    • H.1.3.5 Building Flex Fuel Vehicles
  • I. Leading Industry Players
    • I.1 AGRA Biofuels
    • I.2 ALF Industries
    • I.3 Allegro Biodiesel Corporation
    • I.4 Alterre
    • I.5 American AgFuels
    • I.6 Bay Biodiesel LLC
    • I.7 Biodiesel Systems, LLC.
    • I.8 Biotane Fuels
    • I.9 Earth Biofuels
    • I.10 Imperium Renewables
    • I.11 Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting
    • I.12 West Coast Bio Fuels
  • J. Appendix
  • K. Glossary of Terms
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