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Gas Market Profile: United Kingdom

  • Publication Date:September 2008
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Package
  • Pages:16

Gas Market Profile: United Kingdom


The effects of factors such as market opening, liberalization, emissions, pricing, and supply issues mean that dynamics in the European energy sector are constantly and rapidly changing. As such, an up to date, broadly based and authoritative source of information on these markets is now more important than ever before for players throughout the gas and power value chains.


  • *Incisive analysis of the current situation in Europe's fast moving energy markets.
  • *Detailed supply and demand balances showing sources of indigenous production, imports, exports and end user consumption patterns.
  • *Up-to-date coverage of the latest regional and national regulatory developments including EU directive implementation.
  • *Insight into infrastructure developments and their impact on the market.


  • Each profile analyzes the dynamics in a particular energy market. The profiles examine a range of issues including regulatory dynamics, corporate issues, political factors, the economic environment as well as market fundamentals.
  • Each profile is divided into sections covering Market Summary, Supply and Demand Balances, Supply Overview, Demand Overview, Regulatory Structures, Infrastructure and, where applicable, the Wholesale Environment.
  • In addition to providing a clear snapshot of current market dynamics, each profile takes a forward looking view and analyzes how each market is likely to evolve given the currently prevailing legal, political, corporate and regulatory environments. Demand forecasts are also included to 2020.

Reasons to Purchase

  • *Obtain up-to-date, relevant and standardized information on European and related energy markets from a single source.
  • *Have a logical framework to monitor market developments and emerging trends, identify opportunities and plan strategies accordingly.
  • *Save time tracking multiple information sources.
  • Datamonitor View
  • Catalyst
  • Summary
  • Methodology
  • Analysis
    • Market Summary
    • Supply and Demand Balance
    • Supply Overview
    • Demand Overview
    • Regulatory Structure
    • Wholesale Environment
    • Infrastructure
    • Transmission and Distribution
    • Offshore
  • Lng
    • Storage
  • Appendix
    • Definitions
    • Ask the analyst
    • Datamonitor consulting
    • Disclaimer
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1: United Kingdom gas supply and demand balance, 2006-07 (bcm)
  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: United Kingdom's indigenous gas production, 1990-2007
    • Figure 2: United Kingdom's gas import supply sources, 2007
    • Figure 3: United Kingdom's gas sector by consumption proportions, 2007
    • Figure 4: United Kingdom's gas consumption trend and forecast, 1990-2020
    • Figure 5: Gas Grid
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