Global Utility Sewerage Service Industry Analysis

In this section you will find information products, including market research analysis, on Sewerage Utilities.

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China Sewage Treatment Industry Report (RIC00899)
2012.0Along with the advancement of industrialization and the improvement of people's living standards, the sewage discharge presents a rising trend, and it grew to 65.21 billion tons in 2011 from...
Sep 2012£1,115€1,323$1,800
China Sewage Treatment Equipment Market Report (RIC00769)
2011-2012With the deepening of industrialization and urbanization in China, the investment in sewage treatment field will keep sustained growth in China, but the short-term investment growth rate presents a downward...
Dec 2011£1,240€1,471$2,000
China Solid Waste Treatment Industry Report (RIC00457)
2011With the improvement of China's industrialization and household spending power, the volume of industrial solid waste and household garbage rises. In 2003, China's urban household garbage collection volume and industrial...
Aug 2011£995€1,181$1,600