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Branded foods in Mexico forecasts to 2013

  • Publication Date:January 2009
  • Publisher:Just Food
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:36

Branded foods in Mexico forecasts to 2013

This report is the final part of a new series considering five countries known as the 'BRICM' economies - Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico - from the perspective of the branded/packaged food industry. The five countries are widely regarded as the ultimate emerging destinations for manufacturers and retailers prepared to invest now in order to reap the rewards once the countries 'come of age'.

This series of just-food reports provides analysis and insight into the potential of the food sector in the five markets by considering the best-practice strategies employed by leading multinational and domestic manufacturers alongside trend analysis. Market value forecasts by category are provided to 2013, based on secondary research conducted by just-food in 2008. SWOT analyses are also included for at least one major domestic food company per country report.

just-food has ranked the five countries to provide an introductory overview into the potential for investment from a food company's perspective. Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the attention it has received within the global food industry over the past five years, China comes out on top, followed by India, Brazil, Russia and, finally, Mexico. Each report contains the ranking criteria and scoring system used.

This report analyses this expanding market, provides an insight into retail market trends, analyses the major branded foods categories and considers the best-practice strategies employed by leading multinational and domestic manufacturers. Consisting of over 11,000 words of analysis and commentary, and 13 data tables covering investment potential, market values and more, the key chapters of the report include:

  • An introduction to the Mexican branded food and drinks market
  • Detailed analysis of the mass grocery retail market in Mexico
  • A breakdown of categories including analysis of bakery and cereals, confectionery, dairy and savoury snacks
  • Trend analysis with forecasts to 2013

Report coverage:

Chapter one Introduction

After looking at the aims and objectives of the report, as well as its methodology and author, we provide an introductory overview of the BRICM markets, including each country's market investment potential, population size and growth 2002-2007, gross domestic product growth and packaged food market value.

Chapter 2 The Mexican food and drink market

The Mexican food and drink market is increasing in sales value each year, driven by rising disposable income and greater economic, political and social stability. Staple food crops produced in Mexico include maize, wheat, barley, sorghum, rice, beans and potatoes. Cash crops are coffee, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables. Other important agricultural products include beef, poultry and dairy.

The food and drink industry in Mexico is growing in success on both sides of the Mexican-US border with exports from Mexico appealing to the thousands of Mexicans living in the US.

This chapter looks at the Mexican market in depth, including the issue of food price freezes, imports and exports, government assistance to the country's poorer consumers and provides future forecasts of the Mexican packaged food market from 2008 to 2013.

Chapter 3 Grocery retail market in Mexico

Retail sales per person in Mexico are rising year on year and per capita GDP is also increasing. Grocery retail sales in 2008 reached an estimated US$52.1bn. Supermarkets are the most popular grocery retail format in Mexico with an estimated 42% value share in 2008. This share is falling gradually thanks to the growing success and prevalence of hypermarkets (12% share of total grocery retail value estimated in 2008 versus 10% in 2006). Specialist stores account for 18% of grocery retail sales although their share is decreasing year on year, due to the rising popularity of more modern and larger formats. Discount stores contributed around 3% of values in 2008.

This chapter outlines the grocery retail market landscape and structure, providing grocery retail sales value estimates from 2006 to 2013. The chapter also provides estimated value share of retail formats and reviews the major grocery players in the market.

Chapter 4 Mexican food industry category analysis

Mexico is an increasingly attractive proposition for food and drink investors. Global company PepsiCo, for example, unveiled a US$3bn investment plan for its Mexican business with the aim of building its Sabritas and Gamesa snack operations. Announced in November 2008, PepsiCo confirmed that around two-thirds of the investment would be dedicated to research and development (R&D), manufacturing and distribution, and marketing for its food business over the next five years.

This chapter analyses each of the major branded food category segments in the Mexican market and provides market values from 2001 to 2013 for confectionery, dairy and savoury snacks and offers predictions of future product development in each of the major categories.

Chapter 5 Domestic company focus: Grupo Bimbo

This chapter provides a case study of the featured company, offering the company background, strategic analysis, branding and growth plans, recent M&A activity and just-food's SWOT analysis of the company.

Chapter 6 Trends analysis

Purchasing habits, food culture and shopping patterns vary within each country, particularly for more developing/emerging markets, where rural regions still dominate. Trends reviewed in this chapter include consumer experimentation, brand awareness, convenience, health and wellness, and sustainability/ethical consumerism.

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
    • Aims and objectives of the report
    • Report methodology
    • The BRICM market
    • BRICM food industry ranking
    • Population size and growth
    • Gross domestic product growth
    • Packaged food market value
  • Chapter 2 The Mexican food and drink market
    • Introduction
    • Food price freezes
    • Imports and exports
    • Government assistance to the poor
    • Future forecast
  • Chapter 3 Grocery retail market in Mexico
    • Introduction
    • Major players
    • Wal-Mart: the number one retailer in Mexico
    • Private-label opportunities
  • Chapter 4 Mexican food industry category analysis
    • Confectionery
    • Dairy
    • Savoury snacks
  • Chapter 5 Domestic company focus: Grupo Bimbo
    • Financial overview
    • Background
    • Best-practice strategy analysis
    • Strong branding targeting the individual
    • International growth plan
    • SWOT
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  • Chapter 6 Trends analysis
    • Introduction
    • Eagerness to experiment
    • Brand awareness
    • Convenience and packaging
    • Health and wellness
    • Competition from the foodservice market
    • Sustainability and ethical consumerism
    • Future trend forecasts
  • List of tables
    • Table 1: BRICM packaged food market investment potential ranking
    • Table 2: Population size, 2002-2007 ('000 and %)
    • Table 3: Real GDP growth, 2002-2007 (%)
    • Table 4: Packaged food market values, BRICM, 2002-2007 (US$m and %)
    • Table 5: Mexico food and drink export value, 2001-2007 (US$bn and %)
    • Table 6: Mexican packaged food market value forecasts, 2008-2013 (US$m and %)
    • Table 7: Top 15 most active emerging retail markets, 2007 (%)
    • Table 8: Mexico grocery retail sales value forecast, 2006-2013 (US$bn and %)
    • Table 9: Estimated value share of retail formats, 2006 versus 2008 (%)
    • Table 10: Estimated global grocery retail value share, by format, 2008 (%)
    • Table 11: Mexico packaged food market value by selected categories, 2001-2007 (US$m and %)
    • Table 12: Mexico packaged food market value forecasts by selected categories, 2008-2013 (US$m and %)
    • Table 13: Mexico mobile telephone penetration forecasts, 2006-2013 (per 100 people and %)
    • Table 14: Mexico unemployment forecasts, 2006-2013 (%)
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