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Analysis report on China Yoghourt Industry

  • Publication Date:September 2006
  • Publisher:Sunfaith China
  • Product Type: Article
  • Pages:11

Analysis report on China Yoghourt Industry

According to the statistics of Dairy Association of China, the total sales value of dairy enterprises in 2004 was RMB 6.252 billion; increasing 25.5% year on year and the output also increased from 2.95 million tons in 2001 to 17.56 million tons in 2004. The growth rate reached 83% in last four years. When world dairy manufacturing increases at the low speed of 1% to 2%, Chinese dairy manufacturing develops at the high speed of 30%, which becomes the focus of the global dairy industry and was called "industry in fast lane"

  • I.Current Development Status Of China Yoghourt Industry
  • II.Structure Of China Dairy Market
  • III.Current Development Status Of China Yoghourt Industry
  • IV.Current Competition Status Of Yoghourt Industry
    • Rapid development of domestic enterprises
    • Foreign enterprises' strategy of "with retreat to seek reentrance"
  • V.Introduction To Consuming Habit And Main Products Of Yoghourt
    • Main consumer group and consuming habit of Yoghourt
    • Introduction of types of main products
  • Table Of Graph
    • Graph 1 Change of sales value of dairy industry
    • Graph 2 Proportion of Yoghourt products of dairy market
    • Graph 3 List of Top 10 fast moving consumer goods in sales growth rate of
    • Graph 4 Comparative graph of maim dairy products' growth rate
    • Graph 5 Purchasing in the Last Three Months by consumers with different income in Beijing
    • Graph 6 list of newly launched products of main yoghourt manufacturers(July, 2006)
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