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Britannia NutriChoice
Realigning a Successful Health Positioning with The Demands of Changing Lifestyles of Indians

  • Publication Date:April 2010
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:18

Britannia NutriChoice Realigning a Successful Health Positioning with The Demands of Changing Lifestyles of Indians

The case study highlights various factors, which have led Britannia NutriChoice to establish itself as a pioneer in combining aspects of health, taste and vitality in its biscuit brands. The case study aims to facilitate brand managers across various FMCG companies to explore and envisage changing behavior of Indian consumers in the wake of increasing awareness on health and wellness.

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  • Analysis
    • The strength of Britannia's NutriChoice brand lies in its evolution from a staid 'health' to a 'health plus taste plus happiness' positioning
    • The emergence of NutriChoice came from a desire to form a distinct health platform
    • NutriChoice was overhauled in 2005 to accentuate health and lifestyles demands
    • The launch of NutriChoice was a pre-emptive move to cater to an emerging set of health-conscious Indians
    • NutriChoice led the way in offering a 'health with taste' proposition as Indian consumers always perceived healthy food to be low on taste and flavor
    • Corporate restructuring in 2005 gave a fresh perspective to Britannia's otherwise quiescent product portfolio
    • NutriChoice sub-brands were re-launched on the 'health with taste' platform
    • The NutriChoice platform has been further strengthened through the distinction between the 'health' and 'delight' offerings in Britannia's overall brand portfolio
    • NutriChoice's positioning triggered the acceptance of biscuits as a healthy and tasty way to satisfy cravings between meals
    • NutriChoice's novel packaging and marketing efforts complement the brand's image to create health awareness among easy-going consumers
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix
    • Case Study Series
    • Methodology
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  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: in the NutriChoice range of biscuits, each product has a different blend of taste and health to suit the needs of various consumer groups
    • Figure 2: NutriChoice pioneered the creation of formulations which positioned biscuits on a clearly differentiated 'health with taste' platform
    • Figure 3: after 2005, the NutriChoice sub-brands were repositioned to further improve their taste and to offer a better value proposition to consumers amid intensifying competition
    • Figure 4: Britannia NutriChoice provided health-conscious Indian consumers with a healthy option for snacking in between meals
    • Figure 5: The product packaging and literature on NutriChoice products were aligned carefully to communicate the brand positioning of a 'guilt-free snack'
    • Figure 6: Indian women across all age groups use nutritional information on product packaging to help them make food and drink choices on a regular basis
    • Figure 7: in addition to the statutory requirements, NutriChoice biscuits' packaging has detailed nutritional information and an illustration of health benefits
    • Figure 8: The Health Starter Kit boosted NutriChoice's popularity among brand-conscious consumers and was aimed at activating consumers' resolution to start a healthier lifestyle
    • Figure 9: Innovative marketing communication and using a variety of media have helped NutriChoice to communicate with its target audience more effectively
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